Soup diet recipe


Soup diet recipe

By following this soup diet recipe, there is no limit on servings of soup, eat soup as much as you can eat. Soup diet recipe gives a good and fast results with weight loss.

Soup diet. Diet-based soup should last no more than 1 week. This Magic soup diet allows you to lose from 4 to 7 kilograms per week. If you are going to sit on soup diet recipe, it is worth remembering that such a diet is contraindicated for diabetics and people with chronic renal failure.

Knowledgeable people suggest that with stalks of celery a very good cook and halves or quarters of its root. The fact that celery is not only a diuretic, it also speeds up the metabolism, and we remember that it is necessary for the proper and rapid weight loss. In addition, celery long time to digest, if the body spends its assimilation extra calories.

Practice of soup diet shows that it takes about 2 days to 5 liters of soup. Some of this soup seems too thick, and they cost half the measure of its ingredients.

Soup diet recipe ingredients (vegetable diet soup):

  • 10 l of water
  • 6 large onions
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • 2 large cans of canned tomatoes in their own juice or 6 large tomatoes peeled
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 1 small sprouts
  • salt

Soup diet recipe. Preparation magic soup for weight loss.

Wash and clean the vegetables and cut into small pieces.

In boiling water, place the prepared vegetables and cook the soup until vegetables are tender.

Use the blender to grind vegetables with vegetable broth in the soup. If desired, strain through a large sieve

This diet soup can be eaten as a cold or hot.

Soup diet recipe — proven soup diet and it really gives the result. Soup diet has a lot of positive reviews. Diet soup taste good but some people do not find it attractive. Bon appetit and successful diet!