Soup diet plan 7 day

Soup diet plan 7 day

Soup diet plan 7 day. Despite the usefulness of dietary soups, to eat one of them is unwise and harmful. If the body does not receive more food, then at some point it will reduce the use of reserves, and therefore the process of weight loss will slow down significantly. To avoid this from happening, experts have developed a diet, which is based on dietary soups and complementary products.

Soup diet plan 7 day — calculated diet for a week and enables to reduce the weight of 3-8 kg. Of all the soup is best to use the Bonn or cabbage.

Soup diet plan 7 day instructions:

  • First day soup diet — You can eat soup diet, fresh fruits (of course, except bananas, grapes and figs), drink natural juices without sugar.
  • Second day soup diet — Dietary soup, steamed vegetables. For dinner, baked jacket potatoes, one piece.
  • The third day soup diet — Dietary soup, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Fourth day soup diet — Dietary soup, a glass of skim milk. You can afford a couple of bananas.
  • Fifth day soup diet — Dietary soup, boiled lean meat (chicken, beef) or fish, 5-6 peeled tomatoes.
  • Sixth day soup diet — Dietary soup, boiled lean meat, fresh vegetables.
  • Seventh day soup diet — Dietary soup, 200 grams of crude boiled rice, fresh vegetables, natural fruit juices.

During the soup diet 7 day drink a daily rate of pure non-carbonated water (not less than two liters), do not use flour, sugar and alcohol. Try to use salt to a minimum. Sleep position 8 hours.

Repeat soup diet plan can be 3-4 days, but do this too often not worth it.

Contraindications and precautions in soup diet plan 7 day:

 Seemingly innocuous foods as dietary soups, can, however, cause serious disruptions in the body and harm to health as a whole. Please read the contraindications to the use of soups and only then decide whether you should sit on such a diet.

Dietary soups are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes and kidney failure.

Use only liquid food can cause a bowel movement problems. If you notice any abnormalities, should stop using diet soups.

People with gastritis and peptic ulcer should not use soups containing sharp and irritating the mucous components (hot pepper, celery, garlic, onions).

Holding the soup diet plan 7 day must be no more than a week.

Dietary soup generally has a negative calorie. Do not reduce your portions, thereby risking earn malaise or even anemia.

Discontinue use soup diet if you notice any signs of allergic reactions.

Before starting the soup diet plan 7 day spend a couple of days of discharge. Otherwise heavy body will accept the transition to the liquid food.

The benefits of dietary soups long been appreciated not only by experts, but also many people who for a long time struggling with being overweight. Allow soup to lose weight without depriving themselves of the opportunity has finished dish, but sadly not to chew a piece of cooked bacon. If you like to cook and delicious to eat, pay attention to the dietary soups and become slim as quickly as possible.

Soup diet plan. Soup diet 7 day.