Protein diet recipe

Protein diet — a detailed description and useful tips.

Reviews protein diet recipes and examples. Protein diet — a description of the general principles

Want to eat enough, but throw with up to 8 pounds overweight for two weeks, and subsequently do not recruit them again? Pay attention to the protein diet, which today is recognized as one of the most effective ways to reduce weight. People, who have already tested its effect on themselves, argue that they feel cheerful and active, like ancestors, seizing a piece of mammoth plant food. Of course, there will still smaller, but the sensation of hunger when consuming foods rich in protein, reduced by the longer food processing.

What is this sensational protein diet?

Its main task — to cause stress the body, repeatedly increasing protein intake and limiting carbohydrates in the diet. In other words, it is necessary to provide an energy deficit. Carbohydrates are a kind of «fuel». The human body that respects the specific «protein «diet, dramatically remodels metabolism.

Despite the fact that a sufficient amount of power supplied, the carbohydrate «hunger» leads to the use of hidden stocks. First of all, in the case is glycogen. Weight loss is felt at first, but at first it is due to a significant loss of fluid. Fat and muscle mass start to «melt «a little later due to these stocks produced glucose and energy deficit is eliminated. The scheme is very simple, but in reality is much more complicated. Must strictly adhere to all the rules, to draw up a menu to show real willpower.

Duration diet should be no more than two weeks after the deadline is too fascinated by the man could pose trouble in the form of over-dry skin and hair, fatigue and unhealthy complexion. With all the benefits of a protein diet, nutrition is not exactly balanced; it can be repeated no earlier than one year.

Protein diet — what foods you can eat

To begin a two-week marathon protein products stocked by any meat, fish and eggs. You can add a small amount of bacon, sausage, canned fish in the water and a lot of raw vegetables: cucumbers, cabbage, greens and especially tomatoes. As part of the tomato, lycopene, reinforcing effect of the protein diet, their presence in the menu is especially welcome. Salads dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. During all the time that you took to comply with this diet have to eat at least 5 times a day. Particular attention should be paid to the water — drink a lot and often have. Before every meal for about half an hour before meals should drink a glass of water. Much controversy over the presence of carbohydrate foods on the menu comes down to what it’s worth twice a week to eat buckwheat and oatmeal.

Protein diet — what foods cannot be used

The main thing at this time — to restrict your body of foods that can easily turn into fat.

First of all, have to say goodbye to sweet. Even the sweet fruit can negate all the efforts, and especially cakes, cookies, cakes — all of this will have to abandon completely. Also exclude pasta, bread and biscuits, fried in plenty of oil products. No benefit and potatoes, butter, cereals, side dishes and desserts.

Protein diet — examples of menu

There are several variants of the protein diet. The main menu is painted in two weeks, but there are options that use the menu of the first week in reverse order. In the menu the three meals, but, under this particular diet should stretch this food a few times to get a day at least five receptions. Completing the daily food intake has 18-19 hours. Begins with a small amount of diet food, so the early days especially difficult — you have to mobilize all his will to get used to the fact that you limit yourself to certain types of food. Every day should drink at least 1, 5 -2 liters of water, hunger thirst better warm water. Forget about sugar and salt — these are the rules of the game!

The most common variant protein diet:


Breakfast Prepare a cup of black coffee, of course, no sugar. This is the easiest breakfast that you can imagine for any diet.

Lunch: boil 2-3 hard-boiled eggs, finely cut cabbage (boiled or stewed with vegetable oil)

Dinner: fried or boiled fish without garnish (you can have up to saturation)


Breakfast: biscuits, traditional cup of black coffee without sugar.

Lunch: roast or boiled fish, prepare coleslaw or other vegetables with vegetable oil.

Dinner: boiled beef (as you can eat about 200 grams), 20 grams of yogurt.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee without sugar, crackers

Lunch: stew or fry in vegetable oil of any size zucchini, apples.

Dinner: boiled beef (200 grams), 2 eggs, salad with vegetable oil (cabbage or tomatoes).


Breakfast: a cup of coffee again only without sugar.

Lunch: raw egg, boiled vegetables with vegetable oil (egg, 3 big boiled carrots), cheese (15 g. except cream varieties).

Dinner: as much as you want fruit.


Breakfast: raw vegetables with lemon juice (egg carrots), lemon juice with water.

Lunch: fish fry or boil (300 g), tomato juice.

Dinner: fruit in unlimited quantities.


Breakfast: As always, a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Lunch: boiled chicken, salad of carrots or cabbage.

Dinner: boiled eggs (at least 2 pieces), raw carrots, grated on a coarse grater (10 grams) with the addition of vegetable oil.


Breakfast: coffee can replace tea without sugar.

Lunch: boiled meat (beef, 200 grams), fruit, as much as you want, in unlimited quantities.

Dinner: You can repeat the same as in any day of the week, except for the third.

Second week:


Repeat Sunday menu.


Breakfast: black coffee and again, without sugar.

Lunch: boiled chicken, vegetable salad seasoned with oil and lemon juice, it is better to take a fresh cabbage and carrots.

Dinner: hard-boiled eggs (2 pcs), prepare a salad of raw carrot (Grate, with the addition of vegetable oil).


Breakfast: Grate carrots, add lemon juice, and drink coffee, as always, without sugar.

Lunch: fish fry or boil on an unrestricted basis, tomato juice.

Dinner: apples, pears, plums, in general, fruits in unlimited quantities.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee without sugar.

Lunch: boil carrots, sliced and dressed with vegetable oil, 2 slices of cheese.

Dinner: fruit in any form and volume, better fresh.


Breakfast: crackers and tea without sugar or black coffee.

Lunch: vegetable oil to prepare a large zucchini, a few apples.

Dinner: boiled meat, the best beef (200 g), 2 eggs, fresh cabbage with vegetable oil.


Breakfast: a portion of black coffee without sugar, a few small crackers.

Lunch: boil or fry in butter fish, prepare salad (fresh cabbage salad with the addition of other vegetables and vegetable oils).

Dinner: boiled beef (200 g), yogurt.


Breakfast: a cup of tea or black coffee.

Lunch: salad of boiled eggs with greens, boiled cabbage with vegetable oil,

Dinner: greens, fried or boiled fish, eat as much as you want.

Protein diet — useful tips and reviews

If you have dared to experience the miraculous properties of this diet, remember that

It can only be applied for two weeks. Continued threatens renal dysfunction, a large number of incoming protein may affect the level of cholesterol and calcium in the body. To diet can begin only when you are sure there are no contraindications. Elderly and sedentary people such diet are contraindicated, as repeatedly increases the risk of blood clots. Also, it is not advisable for people with kidney disease and gastrointestinal tract. In order to reduce fermentation in the gut can drink a cup of yogurt in the evenings or herbal tea without sugar, and be sure to eat lots of fresh herbs.

Changes in the body occur at the correct observance of all instructions. Review the people who passed it and succeed, the most difficult days may seem the third, fourth, fifth and twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth. If you are passionate about people lead an active lifestyle and have a lot of hobbies and can escape, you will be much easier to transfer restrictions. In general, whether or not guaranteed slimming these inconveniences, everyone decides for himself, but that the efficiency of protein diet proved beyond doubt.