Pasta with tomato and eggplant recipe


Pasta with tomato and eggplant

Pasta with tomato and eggplant — delicious diet dish of pasta, pasta made from durum wheat and vegetables in a healthy way with a minimum of oil. To prepare the sauce used dietary pre-oven baked eggplant, not fried in a large amount of vegetable oil according to a traditional recipe preparation. This allows you to cook low-calorie eggplant pulp, useful, not jaded overheated fats.

Pasta with tomato and eggplant prepared from young mature fruit without hard seeds. Bulgarian pepper fit any color painting. Fresh tomatoes can be replaced prepared tomatoes in their own juice. Macaroni fit of durum wheat of various kinds. Pasta, cooked Italian al dente (slightly hard, but not hard), have a low glycemic index of 40. It is important for dietary foods for weight loss and elevated blood sugar levels. At the request of various spices are added.

Pasta with tomato and eggplant cooked diet recipes for a healthy way — delicious seasonal food, rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to the reduced calories and increased digestibility of pasta with eggplant recommended for diet, healthy nutrition. The photo pasta with tomato and eggplant, cooked penne pasta varieties. It serves hot with chopped fresh herbs and grated hard cheese low fat. Optionally, you can spice up a dish unrefined olive oil extra virgin.

Ingredients pasta with tomato and eggplant:

  • Teen eggplant — 2 pcs
  • Bulgarian pepper — 2 pieces
  • Tomatoes — 5 pcs
  • Garlic — 5 cloves
  • Refined olive oil — 1 tbsp
  • Large salt — 2 tbsp
  • Small salt — to taste
  • Spices — to taste
  • Pasta (pasta from durum wheat) — 500 g
  • Hard cheese — 50 grams

Pasta with tomato and eggplant recipe:

Eggplants washed thoroughly with water. Peel is not cleared. Cut circles of 2 mm thickness, is omitted for two hours in a solution of salt to get rid of the characteristic bitterness of the fruit (solution: two liters of boiled cold water two tablespoons of large salt).

We spread the eggplant in a colander mug. We give a solution of salt to drain.

Prepared eggplant slices coated with a thin layer of refined olive oil.

Spread on a baking sheet and put in oven preheated to a temperature of 180 degrees oven. Bake 10-15 minutes until soft.

Tomatoes washed thoroughly with water, cut half circle.

Finely chop the peeled and washed with water garlic cloves.

Bulgarian peppers washed with water, cleaned from the stalk and seeds. Give dry. Cut into thin strips.

In a frying pan pour refined olive oil. On medium heat until soft straw saute pepper. Add the baked eggplant, chopped tomatoes.

Vegetables simmer over low heat. Five minutes until cooked add the chopped garlic, salt, spices.

During cooking eggplant sauce boil the pasta to the state of al dente (slightly hard noodles, but not hard).

Omelet with cabbage

Ready to decompose the paste on the plates. Add the eggplant sauce, sprinkle with grated hard cheese low-fat, chopped herbs.