Millet diet — lose weight diet


Millet dietlose weight diet

When people resort to lose weight diet, it is important to understand one thing, that a diet primarily is to saturate the body and not to drain. In this regard, perfectly millet diet.

Millet — a high content of vitamins. Trace elements that are part of this truly magic cereals, can work wonders! Those who constantly eat millet, feel cheerful, they have never seen a breakdown and weakness. They are full of energy and never experience stress and not to fall into depression.

Millet diet is easily tolerated by all, even people who have a chronic illness during the diet and after, feel great! After one course you feel that the skin of the face and hands became firmer. The pressure will return to normal, improve appetite, digestive problems disappear.

During the lose weight diet, you will not have to torture hunger. On the contrary, you feel free and easy. Metabolism is significantly improved, so the whole body is full of energy and strength.

The millet diet is simple enough, does not exceed the duration of the week. However, during this period it will be able to lose weight is not less than three kilograms. A little later, in about a month, the course can be repeated, but it is better to include millet in the diet and the beneficial properties of cereals, will do the job!

Millet diet menu to lose weight:

When cooking millet salt is used to boil water.

Millet diet — Breakfast. After a small portion of millet porridge, you eat a banana and drink all this low-fat yogurt (kefir).

Millet diet — Lunch. To improve the taste of porridge, it can be served with salad made of fresh vegetables. If you feel hungry, then add a small portion of soup, no meat.

Millet diet — Snack. Usually they eat a small apple or other fruit, but lunch can be avoided altogether if there is no hunger.

Millet diet — Dinner. You do not need too much to overload your stomach at night. Therefore, eat a small portion of millet porridge. Drink a glass of any dairy products, but it should be low-fat.

Try during this diet, do not eat other foods and do not drink alcoholic beverages. From meat, eggs, and of course the sweet baked, it is necessary to abandon altogether. If hunger incredible, you can drink some tea or coffee. Light can satisfy your hunger yogurt or apple. Important thing to remember that the diet will certainly benefit and will bring the desired results!

Millet diet — lose weight diet