Dukan diet plan — attack phase


Dukan diet plan

Dukan diet plan is not only the safest and most effective of all existing diets, and should be adopted as a plan of life, to be followed strictly. Dukan diet plan has didactic value, that is, it does not leave a person in the dark, and allows you to get complete information about every food product and the manner of its use in the diet. The purpose of the diet is to define the correct path that will lead to weight loss. Besides, this way implies clear instructions that give the opportunity to avoid conflict between the will and desires.

Method Duke unlike other diets not only leads to weight loss, but also allows to fix the achieved positions. For example, there are many diets that lead to rapid weight loss, but then the person is left alone with their problems, and weight back to the starting point, and sometimes even exceed it. In this case, the diet doctor Ducane offers recommendations aimed at consolidation of the results once the weight comes back to normal. These recommendations represent the stages, two of which are aimed at reducing weight, while the other two relate to the safety factor is fixed.

Stages Dukan diet plan:

The first stage — «Attack phase» (dukan diet attack phase) and it is based on pure proteins. This stage is characterized by increased efficiency, it allows you to quickly lose weight. What products should be used in this case? As in nature, there is only one product which consists mainly of protein — protein is egg, it is also necessary to use products as close to pure protein. Under these conditions fall products such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy products (low-fat).

Under the second phase is meant «Alternation phase» — a series that consistently replace each other. That is the cycle of pure protein is replaced by a cycle that combines both proteins and vegetables. Both cycles are sufficient freedom, which is that the products can be used in any proportions, at any time and in any quantity. Of course, we must bear in mind that the products should only be from a list provided by the diet.

The third stage refers to the period of transition, it is called «Fixing phase». This step is aimed at fixing each lost kilogram. We should stick to the formula, when every negative kilogram fixed for ten days. Stage «Fixing» is based on a calmer rhythm in the diet added to other products that are required by the body. Target stage is set to avoid the possibility of excess weight.

Finally, the fourth phase of «Stabilization phase» must balance reached position of the body, that is, you want to keep the weight, which was achieved as a result of diet. Man is weak, and his habits are strong, so necessary instructions that will not slide down to the old way of life.

Dukan diet plan