Diabetic diet recipes

Diabetic diet recipes — detailed description and useful tips.

Diet for diabetes — examples of recipes.  Diabetic diet — a description of the general principles and recipes

Diet for diabetes is important, as this disease is associated with metabolic disturbances in the body. Its mechanism is that the abnormal functioning of the pancreas, causing it to begin to produce less insulin, responsible for sugar uptake by the body. This leads to the fact that the patient’s blood sugar level rises, and which are intended to normalize the therapeutic measures, including diet. In some cases, diet helps bring the sugar back to normal without any medication. However, its compliance is mandatory in cases where the patient takes medication to lower blood sugar or an injection of insulin.

Approach to diet in diabetes should be individualized and take into account the severity of the disease, the body weight of the patient, his profession , lifestyle, comorbidities , patient tolerance of the body of certain foods , etc. Also, when choosing a diet should always be guided by the nature of the production activity, as it affects the energy consumption of the patient.

Diet recipes for diabetes — what foods you can eat

Diabetics should give preference to products containing a large amount of plant fiber — coarse cereals, fruit, vegetables and nuts. Fibrous foods need not only to lower blood glucose, but also to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

In diabetic menu must be present fruits — lemons, apples (preferably sour-sweet), grapefruit, peaches. The daily dose of these products, which should not exceed 200 g., is distributed into five parts, to prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Twice a week you can treat yourself to a meal of beef or offal (kidney, liver, heart). Meat dishes are necessary in order to provide the body with valuable vitamins and proteins that are found in meat. However, the best meat for diabetics is a chicken.

Very useful for people with diabetes, fish and seafood.

As appropriate in their diet dairy products as yogurt, sour, unsweetened yogurt (up to 2 cups a day). In small quantities, can sometimes consume cheese, sour cream and cream, however, preference should be given all the same low-fat dairy products (skim milk, low fat cheese and yogurt). From the use of curd should be abandoned, as it contains a lot of carbohydrates.

As for the eggs, it is best to use protein as yolk can cause an increase in cholesterol levels.

You can use all the vegetables with a little starch and carbohydrates.

Diet recipes for diabetes — what foods cannot be used

Absolutely cannot eat sugar. Of course, once completely abandon it can be difficult, so it is usually recommended to reduce the sugar content in the diet gradually. You also need to be candy (if it’s so hard, we advise you to replace them with dark chocolate).

It should also limit the use of easily digestible carbohydrates, which are a source of flour products, pastry, biscuits, etc. Diet diabetics can include rye and white bread (preferably protein-wheat and protein- bran bread, which is made from crude gluten, a protein — bran bread also contains wheat bran).

As already mentioned, the vegetables are welcome guests at the table diabetics, however, vegetables rich in starch and carbohydrates ( potatoes, carrots, peas, beans , beets ) should be avoided. Should also abandon the sweet fruits, such as bananas, grapes, strawberries.

You should also limit the use of fruit juices as they contain large amounts of carbohydrates. If they are still included in your diet, they should be diluted with water (3 parts juice 1 part water).

Fast food diabetics contraindicated. Should also be excluded from the diet of foods containing saturated fats. First of all, it concerns the fatty meat, whole dairy products, butter, and lard. Better to give preference to light vegetable fats.

You have to understand that fatty food is not less harmful for diabetes than sweet, as the high content of fat in the blood leads to the progression of the disease. This is indicated by a recent medical study. That is why in the diet of diabetic’s total fat (butter and vegetable oils, fats, cooking oils) should not be more than 40 grams per day. Consumption of other foods containing large amounts of fat, such as fatty meats, sausages sausage, cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, should also be minimized.

Diet for diabetes — examples menu

In drawing up the menu for diabetics should follow some principles. So, gastronomic products (sausage, cheese, fish, salt, etc.), as well as cereals, omelets, boiled eggs should be eaten for breakfast, completing his hot drinks — tea, coffee, cocoa. Suitable for tiffin dishes of vegetables, fruit and eggs. The most significant is traditionally lunch menu , which can be represented cold dishes ( salads , salad , cold cuts of meat and fish ) , soups , main courses , poultry, fish, meat, fruit compote. In the afternoon is better to consume fermented beverages and bakery products, for dinner — salads, fish, meat and vegetables, cereals, hot drinks.

Approximate daily menu at number 1 diabetes

First breakfast consists of two hard-boiled eggs and meat cooked with stewed zucchini; coffee or tea with milk; butter (10 gr.) and two slices of rye bread.

Brunch consists of cheese, stewed eggplant with vegetables and coffee with milk.

Lunch consists of soup, fish or soup beef broth with meatballs; lean roast meat with sauerkraut; compote of fresh apples or jelly.

Snack consists of cheesecake bran with rosehip infusion or tea with lemon.

The first dinner consists of cabbage with meat or cod marinated.

Second dinner consists of yogurt or apple.

Approximate daily menu at number 2 diabetes

First breakfast consists of a salad of beets and apples; boiled fish; zucchini pancakes; tea or coffee with milk; butter; black bread.

Brunch consists of meatballs in cream sauce; tea with lemon.

Lunch consists of consisting of fresh cabbage or beef broth with two hard-boiled eggs; tomatoes stuffed with grilled meat or fish with stewed eggplant; two baked apples or lemon jelly.

Snack consists of bran cakes with tea or infusion of rhubarb.

The first dinner consists of boiled beef with vegetables or baked fish; cauliflower with butter or curd; tea with lemon or infusion hips.

Second dinner consists of yogurt or apple.

Approximate daily menu with diabetes number 3

First breakfast consists of a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers ; steak of minced meat with sauerkraut or fried fish with boiled potatoes and cucumber ; oatmeal with butter or pumpkin, baked in sour cream ; coffee or tea with lemon ; butter ; black bread.

Brunch consists of fried zucchini with apples and coffee with cream.

Lunch consists of green soup with egg and sour cream or meat soup; fried chicken or liver and onions in cream sauce with beans or cabbage; jelly cranberry or apple.

Snack consists of bran cookies with nuts and tea with lemon or infusion hips.

The first consists of a dinner of beef stroganoff beef with eggplant.

Second dinner consists of yogurt or one apple.

Diabetes Diet — Useful Tips

Eating with diabetes should be made possible in the same time, in small portions, up to 6 times a day to avoid overeating.

Necessary to ensure strict monitoring of weight and provide a diet to total calories eaten per day eating less than 1800 calories per day (this figure may be adjusted on the basis of age, sex, body weight of the patient). Half of these calories the body must get from carbohydrates. To control the intake of calories, it is better to buy products whose packaging contains the energy value.