1500 calorie diet


1500 calorie diet

1500 calorie diet per day — one of the «real». It does not require the brutal starvation, just sensible approach to nutrition and self-control. In fifteen hundred calories fit everything the body needs food, and even goodies left town (certainly useful). Subject to the threshold of 1500 calorie diet per week lost 1-1.5 kg. This diet has no negative effects on the body and lose weight is not refundable.

Basic principles for 1500 calorie diet:

  • five meals
  • small portions
  • do not go hungry — if you wanted to eat, you need to eat something caloric
  • the use of at least 2 liters of water per day — the water washes the body of harmful substances and a feeling of fullness
  • early meals always greater than Evening
  • meals in a measured mode at the table and not on the run
  • hot meal at least once a day

Sample menu for 1500 calorie diet

BREAKFAST (1500 calorie diet)

This is the «tight» meal — up to 500 calories.

In the morning, it is best to eat foods rich in fiber and «slow» carbohydrates — Black whole meal bread, various cereals (flattened whole grains rather than sweet corn rings, etc.), Whole grain cereals on the water or low-fat milk, porridge oats. Complement grasses can serve as nuts, dried fruits (regular, not soaked in sugar). Very useful for breakfast dairy products — yogurt, yogurt (not sweet!), Cheese. Moreover, it is not necessary to use only low fat dairy products — must remain at least the minimum percentage of fat, while the nutrients absorbed much better. Not odd at breakfast would be any fruit. Tea and coffee are any, it is advisable not sweet or with a drop of honey, in extreme cases, with sweetener.

LUNCH (1500 calorie diet)

This is not the main meal, but rather support the «bite», so its energy value must be no more than 200 calories.

You can use any vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits, whole meal bread, homemade rye crackers (do not shop flavored salty!), Nuts. Tea and coffee — not sweet, a bit of sugar with dried fruit, granola bars, or type frutilata. Fresh juices.

LUNCH (1500 calorie diet)

It is the last main meal, so you can afford to 400 kcal. Dine recommended approximately 14-15 hours.

In the afternoon be sure to eat a serving of meat or fish, a little fat, boiled or stewed. Preference is to give veal, beef, chicken breast, turkey. Choose fish «dry» varieties — cod, pollock, salmon, cheese. As a side dish — steamed or raw vegetables and wild rice. Sauces — low-fat sour cream or yogurt with fresh herbs, garlic and salsa (crushed tomatoes, peppers, herbs with a drop of olive oil). A good option — easy soup from the same kinds of meat, fish and vegetables.

SNACK (1500 calorie diet)

This, again, «snack» limit — 200 kcal.

Best of all — fruit, homemade crackers, low-fat cheese, tea.

DINNER (1500 calorie diet)

Although this is the last opportunity to eat for dinner are only 200 kcal.

In the evening it is best digested proteins, therefore, appropriate white chicken meat, turkey fillet, a piece of fish. On a garnish — vegetables (except potatoes).

CONSOLATION PRIZE (1500 calorie diet)

Cover without teatime — sad. Therefore, if you want, treat yourself. And in the stomach will be warmer, and the feeling goes infringement. Buy and brew the most delicious tea — with a beautiful name, petals, pieces of fruit, and other pleasures. In addition — a spoon of honey, a favorite dried fruit.

1500 calorie diet