1000 calorie diet


1000 calorie diet

In order to sustain a diet of 1000 calories, you will have to present themselves thus kitten stomach which not more than a thimble. Include in the diet of all kinds of healthy foods, but in very small quantities.

Try starting the day with the most delicious breakfast, then a good mood will help you during the day. In the evening, indulge yourself always winning — even tiny, but very tasty piece of favorite products.

1000 calorie diet should not be used for a long time. For extra weight loss rather than one week, the result is good, but dumped kg can quickly return. For a more stable result and qualitative changes in eating behavior, it is necessary to hold a month. During this time, the body gets used to the reduced amount of food, and when you return to a normal diet, you will already be able to easily refrain from unnecessary products. If you keep a strict diet for a long time, it can lead to metabolic disorders in the body and further promote active weight gain. What is important is the process of exit from the diet (1000 calorie diet). Increase the number of calories you need to gradually, so as not to provoke a sharp weight gain.

Learn to listen to your body and to differentiate when you really want to eat, and when enough to drink a couple of glasses of liquid to feel normal.

If suddenly during the 1000 calorie diet had a breakdown, and you allowed yourself too much, in any case do not worry and do not reproach yourself. Wait out the difficult period of 1-2 days and go back to your dietary schedule.

1000 Calorie Diet is based on the principle of 3 + 3: the day you need three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and three snacks (lunch, afternoon tea and night «prize»).

The intervals between meals should not be more than 2-3 hours.

Basic Principles on the 1000 calorie diet:

  • per day may be necessary to use products, the total caloric content of which does not exceed 1000 calories
  • a six-power
  • continuous monitoring of calorie products
  • variety of foods in small portions
  • personalized diet plan
  • the use of at least 2 liters of carbonated water per day — water washes the body of harmful substances and a feeling of fullness
  • daily consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • categorical ban on fatty foods, fast food, sodas.

The product composition is selected individually — depending on taste preferences. The main thing is to present in the diet proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and some fat.

For a low — fat breakfast suitable milk and milk products, cereals, diet bread. For lunch, choose fruits and berries — apple, pear, grapefruit, pineapple, plums. Lunch should include soup, boiled lean meat (beef, turkey, chicken) or fish, vegetable salad dressed with a spoon of olive oil or balsamic vinegar, steamed vegetables. Snack — this again fruits and nuts.

For dinner, better to choose protein foods — lean meats, lean fish can be a bit wild rice and vegetables (except potatoes). As the night «award» the most delicious brew tea itself — with a beautiful name, petals, pieces of fruit. In addition — a spoon of honey, dried fruit, or even a favorite tiny caramel — to sleep sweeter.

Sample menu for 1000 calorie diet:

BREAKFAST (1000 calorie diet)

Option 1: 3 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese with chopped herbs or chopped vegetables, a slice of dietary unleavened bread, and tea.

Option 2: oatmeal, filled with hot skim milk, some dried fruit, coffee.

1 LUNCH (1000 calorie diet)

Any fruit or some fruit (except bananas and grapes), a few nuts.

2 LUNCH (1000 calorie diet)

Option 1: vegetable soup (without potatoes), ’50 stewed or boiled chicken breast, two tablespoons of buckwheat, a salad of fresh vegetables, unsweetened fruit compote.

Option 2: soup, 100 grams of lean fish (eg, cod), two spoons of wild rice, fresh vegetable salad, juice from berries without sugar.

SNACK (1000 calorie diet)

A few nuts or a small cob of boiled corn, or any fruit.

DINNER (1000 calorie diet)

80 grams of lean boiled meat, baked in the oven without oil vegetables, a cup of yogurt

100g baked in foil fish, vegetable salad, a glass of yogurt.

Night snacking (1000 calorie diet)

Tea with mint, chamomile, honey spoon, or your favorite dried fruit or a little caramel.