Good easy dinner recipes

Good easy dinner recipesIn the traditional kitchen a lot of tasty treats, which are particularly popular among the good easy dinner recipes. Among others, a worthy place on holidays and Sundays tables takes an apple pie, which has a huge variety of interpretations among good easy dinner recipes.

Cornish (English) apple pie can surprise your special taste even experienced lovers of homemade cakes. This is good easy dinner recipes to prepare, delicious and flavorful treat. For storage or transport of the pie is better to use paper bags, which is very convenient.

Products Cornish baking apple pie — good easy dinner recipes:

— Butter (0.25 kg.);

— Sugar (0.15 kg.);

— Chicken egg (3 pcs.);

— Sour cream (0.12 kg.);

— Flour (0.25 kg.);

— Baking powder (1 packet);

— Vanillin (2 bags);

— Apples (4 pcs.).

Recipe for cooking Cornish apple pie — good easy dinner recipes.

Melt butter, add the sugar and vanilla, stir well, then pour in the egg yolks one at a time, previously separated from the protein. Add sour cream, add flour and baking powder. Mass mixer stir until smooth.

Chilled whites whip up strong foam and add to batter. Prepare shape (diameter 24 — 25 cm.) For baking, brush with butter and lay on the bottom of the parchment paper.

Clear apples, cut them into slices, removing all the seeds and partitions.

Lay out the dough into a mold, sliced apples on top decomposed close to each other in a circle convex side up.

Sprinkle the cake with sugar and bake in the oven baked.

At a temperature of 180 * C and the baking time is about 50 minutes.

Ready Cornish apple pie sprinkled on top with powdered sugar and served hot or chilled good easy dinner recipes.