Roast chicken recipe

Roast chicken recipe.

Best grilled chicken recipes. Recipe for roast chicken.  Description roast chicken recipe: cooking this recipe can be done outdoors, using coal (1 kg chicken 1 kg of coal).

Ingredients roast chicken recipe:

Hen, mayonnaise (1 cup), mustard (1 tbsp. Lodges.) Lemon, garlic, spices. (You can use hops sanely with salt, turmeric and black pepper).

Way of cooking roast chicken recipe:

Wash and dry chicken leave at this time to prepare the sauce — mayonnaise with mustard, add garlic, crushed with the help of spade foot. Rub the surface of the mixture; lemon juice is squeezed inside, spit and associate wings and legs with thick thread. Stand a chicken on a spit over an hour, gradually bringing the carcass to the coals, the last half hour it should rotate continuously. You do not even blink an eye, as it is cooked, juicy chicken is wonderful, the most appetizing dish that you can imagine.