Roast chicken quick recipe

Roast chicken quick recipe. Roast chicken — food recipes.

This recipe is a versatile food, pretty quick and simple. Before frying the chicken should marinate a bit in this, in fact, is the secret recipe of food. While she soaked, you are free to do other things. Appropriate to use for frying chicken legs.

Ingredients for fried chicken quick recipe: chicken legs — 700 gr., lemon juice — a tablespoon, a little vinegar, vegetable oil tablespoon (marinade), pepper and herbs of your choice.

Way of cooking fried chicken quick recipe:

Prepare a marinade of oil, lemon juice, vinegar and herbs well, them a leg on all sides, and leave to soak for three to four hours. You can put the meat in a plastic bag, so it is better to be saturated. Not salt!

Further, according to Fried chicken quick recipe Rascal butter in a pan and gently place the chicken , season with salt , cover with marinade , cover and cook on both sides over high heat , each side — for 2-3 minutes . Then reduce your heat to medium, remove the lid and cook each side for 5 minutes more. Then do at least fire and fry the pieces, turning, until cooked.