Roast chicken — food recipes

Roast chicken — food recipes.

How to cook a roast chicken recipe. Fried chicken recipe food — general principles.

Sometimes you want to pamper the family with something tasty, but do not want to spend on the process of cooking too long. Roast chicken in different variations — the most ideal surprise households and save at the same time for other important things. Delicious, nourishing, original and always up to date! And how recognition and respect will enjoy hostess, whose hand has a couple of tasty but simple recipes for cooking fried chicken.

Easy dish meal recipe is perfect for every day, festive, and romantic menu. It can be used as a separate form, and combined with potatoes, salad, vegetables, rice and even some fruits. Special spicy dish of fried chicken gives a glass of dry red table wine. An amazing combination, and so is suitable for a romantic dinner, is not it?

Fried chicken recipe food is very popular and appetizing, and it is no accident! Golden crust on top and inside the pale pinkish juicy meat and the preparation does not require special virtuosic skill. An excellent option to surprise his girlfriend, because evens an inexperienced man in culinary matters under force to prepare tasty and original dish. Enough to show a little love, fantasies, desires, and your woman will not remain indifferent.

Below, we consider all the nuances associated with the preparation of equipment and products, as well as some simple food recipes tasty and simple dish called fried chicken recipe food.

Fried chicken recipe food — preparing dishes

In order for our chicken retained the right form and at the desired golden brown during cooking, you need to intelligently approach the selection of pans. Let’s talk about proper care for her to pan longer did not lose their core functions.

Firstly, cooking utensils should consist of metal, since it is better oil boils and absorbs harmful substances. Giving preference worth of copper, iron, Babbitt, tinned or enameled cast-iron skillet, if possible with a thick bottom.

Second, it must be absolutely clean and smooth on the inside, do not have potholes, chipping. Scratches on the bottom, even minor, are the cause of food sticking to the pan, so this cookware is not suitable for frying. And the presence of undesirable yellow spots remaining on the bottom of the previous oil frying. They are usually heavily eliminated, so try to avoid their occurrence.

Utensils to retain its pristine, do not forget to properly care for it:

— Lower the products only perekalennoe oil without adding cold (it is better to pour more oil than then refill);

— Do not wash it with hot water in the form of greasy, remove fat layer of cloth or cloth;

— Do not leave unwashed pan after frying, and after washing immediately wipe with a clean towel;

— Do not scrub it with a knife, metal sponges, and do not clean the coarse powder; better to use a special detergent and a soft sponge for washing.

We have listed, perhaps, the main recommendations about the choice of dishes for roasting chicken. Do not forget to prepare in advance of the hot dry wide dish in which, if necessary, will roll recipe chicken meal in the ingredients.

Fried chicken recipe food — preparation products

When buying chicken at the store should focus on size. It should not be too large, as the bird itself cannot grow to enormous size. Nevertheless, taking the chicken in small sizes (less than 1.5 kg) is not beneficial, and it does not look very appetizing. Therefore it is better to choose a middle ground — from 1.5 to 2.5 kg, not more.

If the chicken frozen, thaw at room temperature, but not in hot water. Now fashionable defrost food using a microwave oven. Such a method is allowed if necessary to prepare the dish immediately.

So our chicken recipe or food unfreeze you originally bought it chilled (it’s even better) — excellent! Cut the carcass between sirloin, clear of entrails and other waste residues, cut tail, rinse it under running cool water. Chop into pieces and start marinating, treatment with salt and spices — what do we do with chicken components depends on the prescription food fried chicken.