Recipe grilled chicken in yogurt

Recipe grilled chicken in yogurt

Recipe description grilled chicken in yogurt: this chicken is very juicy and has a taste reminiscent of smoked fish; to prepare this meat takes a large portion.

Recipe ingredients for grilled chicken in yogurt:

Whole chicken weighing 2.5 kg (or thighs), fresh milk (1 tbsp.), Yogurt (1 tbsp.) Spices for barbecue, salt and spices to meat.

The method of cooking the recipe grilled chicken in yogurt:

This recipe is based on marinating chicken in a sauce made from these ingredients. Or chicken thighs thoroughly wash and chop into pieces. Add salt and pepper and mix with lots of spices. Mix with milk and yogurt, leave it for a long time (can be up in the morning). Finished pieces to put on the grill and fry until nice rosy color. Do not forget to bring to the table greens, ketchup and sauces.

Grilled Chicken Recipe — Useful Tips experienced cooks

— If you like a chicken with a golden crust, leave the skin on the chicken, and cook using the lattice. For juicy chunks in gravy , remove the skin.

— To prepare the various marinades use only refined vegetable oil, not to kill scent finished chicken.