Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled Chicken Recipe — a general description

 Since time immemorial, man eats meat, though now we do not tear it with his teeth and do not eat raw. We came up with a lot of ways to handle it — boiling, frying, park and so on. This is not surprising — the number of nutrients for the human meat is at the first place among all products, it is particularly rich in minerals and iron, which help the blood to carry oxygen.

Recently became especially popular in our country chicken recipe — and not just because the chicken most affordable, but mostly because appetizing chicken is very tasty, belongs to the category of dietary products. At the peak of the season today is chicken grill. By the way, even for calorie chicken, grilled chicken has the smallest indicators — 100 grams contains 98 calories. For comparison, in their 135 cooked meats and fried 210. A real rosy appetizing grilled chicken recipe can be prepared at home.

Rotisserie chicken recipe — preparation utensils

Grilled chicken recipe can be prepared in many ways. If it is a picnic — the best device would be a special three-dimensional lattice grill for large cuts of meat, it must be made of stainless steel and have an impressive wooden handle. At home, grilled chicken can be cooked in the microwave or in an ordinary oven. The lucky ones have a real grill, of course; prefer grilled chicken on a skewer. For oven roaster requires a prescription or bank by a narrow neck, for example, from small cucumbers.

Rotisserie chicken recipe — preparation products

Lovely result depends not only on the process of baking and marinades, great attention should be paid to selecting the most chicken. Young meat more tender and tasty, the best course would be if the chicken home. Grill best suited chicks six to seven months old, Bole adult chickens can be harsh. Poultry and moves a lot in her diet include natural food — corn and insects. For the preparation of such meat it enough salt, pepper and well oiled. As for the chicken -store, it certainly is better to take frozen products to the meat was dry and tough. Defrosts chicken at room temperature outdoors. Important — do not thaw frozen chicken for grilling in the water!

Chickens on the grill recipe, you must first marinate.