Cooking recipes for dinner

Cooking recipes for dinnerGrilled Chicken — cooking recipes for dinner, cooked whole in the oven on a spit, easily become the main dish of the evening. You do not have time to remove it from the oven as the scent of her all at once on the spot.

Such cooking recipes for dinner, cooked at home, a thousand times tastier and healthier ready-grilled chicken, which we offer in the stores. After all, it usually has to prepare to leave at least an hour, even given the fact that the chicken has marinated. And in some schools it may bring even 20 minutes after the order. For a long time it is no secret that in any kind of «eatery» chickens are soaked is not useful for the solution, which allows the dish to preserve its appearance and smell, even after a few days of preparation. Healthy meats. Best meats to eat.

To not get a chance this culinary «surprise», we advise you to cook chicken grill house. It also tastes better and safer -cooking recipes for dinner.

There is an interesting opinion that in different parts of different composition is dominated by chicken items. For example, a chicken breast contains a large quantity of mineral substances, while the wings and bёdryshki contain most vitamins and vegetable fats. Whatever it was, the bird cooking recipes for dinner, baked in the home as a whole, in any case, will be very useful.

Prepare juicy and delicious chicken barbecue at home cooking recipes for dinner is not difficult if you have the most common oven. Simply select the store fresh raw chicken, bring it home and open our cooking recipes for dinner, which will demonstrate to you what it looks like cooking process.

Steps cooking cooking recipes for dinner.

Defrost your chicken, then sprinkle it liberally with spices that you like. Do not be afraid to overdo it: chicken spices spoil impossible thing to choose only those spices that will go well with each other.

Rub the chicken with spices, distributing them evenly over the entire surface of the dish and leave in this position for half an hour.

To not interfere with the legs, can link them by conventional thread or with long stalks chives.

Put the chicken on a skewer entirely and send it in the oven, preheated to a temperature of at least 200 degrees. Select the «grill» and bake for about an hour. When the chicken is ready, remove it from the oven, remove from the skewers and serve. You can decorate your cooking recipes for dinner vegetables or herbs. Bon Appetit!