Chicken to skillet Tatar food recipes

Chicken to skillet Tatar food recipes

In the kitchen, all peoples have their own secrets of cooking chicken. Tatar cuisine like no one else knows how to reveal the taste of meat, especially if it is marinated in a noble sauce — wine and adjika.

Required ingredients for chicken in skillet Tatar food recipes:

  • • Chicken — 500 — 700 g;
  • • 50 grams of wine;
  • • Adjika — Art. Liter. ;
  • • Garlic — 3 cloves;
  • • Greens.

Method of cooking chicken in skillet Tatar food recipes:

  1. First you need to prepare the meat — it is better to divide it into portions. Then all the pieces a little repulsed.
  2. Prepare the marinade. In a vessel mix adjika wine, here is add a little salt and seasoning.
  3. In the resulting plunge marinade meat and leave for a couple of hours. It is worth noting, if you are using an old hen meat, increase the meat marinating time.
  4. After a certain time, heat a frying pan with oil and gently lay the pieces of meat. Fry them on both sides. Before you remove the meat from the heat, rub the garlic through a grater and cut through the parsley.
  5. Of course, this recipe is slightly outperformed by the cooking time, but is unlikely to be somewhere else to enjoy fragrant and delicate flavor of meat, marinated in wine sauce!

Secrets and tips from the best of cooks chicken in skillet Tatar food recipes

  1. Golden crispy chicken — this is what attracts many lovers of grilled meat. If you want to achieve such a result, in the cooking process is not necessary to cover the pan with a lid.
  2. For better roasting meat rolls three times. The first time — 5 minutes, then reduce the fire, the second time — after 15 minutes, and later the same time last turn the meat. This will ensure even cooking chicken.
  3. By chicken cooked in a frying pan as a garnish you can use French fries, mashed potatoes, buckwheat or rice porridge. Discover new culinary horizons — delicious meat!