Chicken on a pan — food recipes

Chicken on a pan — food recipes best recipes.

How to eat and fry chicken in the pan. General principles of cooking chicken in a pan of food recipes.

How? You do not know how to fry chicken in the pan? Urgent! Just a mandatory start to recover this inexcusable omission! And we will kindly assist you.

Fried chicken recipes food — one of those dishes that can be attributed to the category of » you want something tasty, but no, neither the strength nor the desire to stand at the stove.» Unfortunately, such thoughts often wake up in the minds of many women, especially those who sit all day at work and exhausting yourself completely here. But there is also a family, husband and children, who are also extremely necessary attention. Many find a way to prepare semis — dumplings, sausages. But all of these products soon will leave an indelible mark in the digestive system. Exit — buy chicken and fry it in a pan.

Before you start frying, you need to buy meat. Most recipes involve the use of chicken legs, thigh and hip. You can also try to fry wings, fillets, legs — this option is for those who love the crispy crust. If the chicken breast is always in demand at the Culinary, then frying white meat becomes dry.

Preparing food fried chicken food recipes

So, to enjoy the crispy fried meat, you must first prepare it correctly. If it is defrosted meat, it should be defrosted. Next, the meat seasoned — salt, pepper. It is important to note that you need to salt the meat at this early stage. Many salted chicken at the last stage of frying. But it can lead to the formation of salt skins, and itself will be salted insufficiently carcass. MADE meat for 15 minutes allowed soaking.

Many prefer 10-15 minutes to keep the meat in the marinade. Everyone has their own cooking secrets marinade, for example, sunflower oil and soy sauce, which you can add sour cream and mayonnaise. Original marinade gives the dish a subtle flavor — wine in conjunction with dashiki.

Recipes chicken fried in a pan. Frite chicken recipes food

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