Baked chicken recipes food

Baked chicken recipes food — the best recipes.

How to cook baked chicken. Baked chicken recipes food — a general description.

Baked chicken — is a wonderful dish that is not difficult to prepare. It is always satisfying, delicious and beautiful. Dish turns out very appetizing. And most importantly, that the chicken, unlike beef and pork is considered a dietary, so if you do not overdo it with spices and not to abuse the mayonnaise, the dish will still useful.

Chicken meat can be included in the diet of those who are ill with gout, peptic ulcer disease, diabetes and arthritis.

The elderly to choose exactly chicken. The younger the chicken, the more tender and useful of its meat. Chicken is not only tasty, but also due to the protein and glutamine, has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Baked chicken recipes food — preparing dishes

As for baking dishes perfect ceramic or cast iron container. The bottom line is that the dish was heated evenly and gradually, and then there is no risk of burning products or uneven cooking chicken. Metal and glass shape in this respect lose. Therefore, their use should be treated with caution. If the chicken is to bake a whole, you can search for stores with a special form of conical elevation in the center. It is very convenient casserole dish as chicken; put on the cone will get baked through evenly. Besides all that will drain from it, will meet in the form at the bottom of the deep. There are separate from the metal stand. They may also be chicken bake upright.

Baked chicken recipes food — preparation products

Choose the right chicken — it is very important to the dish turned out tasty and appetizing. If there is a choice, it is preferable to other steam chicken, in second place — chilled and frozen for this purpose it is better not to take. The first two varieties of chickens have more tender meat. Their taste is much more intense.

Preference should be given to chickens at the age of one year, the weight of which does not exceed 1, 5 kg. The bird should be fresh. A truly fresh chicken breast is rounded. Bone does not act on it. Muscle tissue suitable chicken should be well developed, and its color — pale yellow. Pinkish welcome. No spots on the skin of poultry should not be. If chicken has bluish- gray, her muscles uneven, gray meat and saturated fat yellow, it is better not to use it. Any benefit or pleasure such a bird will not bring.

To ensure freshness, you can smell the chicken. Good bird has sweet smell of fresh meat. If the city has an experimental farm where chickens are grown on probiotics can buy hens there. These chickens are especially good.

Before cooking the chicken should be gutted and washed. If the chicken was still frozen, defrost it is necessary in advance. Do it better, use the bottom shelf of the fridge. So the meat will be a little softer. Can be used as a whole bird, or separately legs or chest.

Baked chicken recipes food — the best recipes