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Frozen yogurt. In the heat I want ice cream, but a purchased you not happy? Greasy, too sweet, with an endless list of «chemistry» on the label. We found a replacement — a frozen yogurt! Frozen yogurt Light, refreshing, with a pleasant acidity and texture, like ice cream. This celebration of beneficial bacteria and proteins. Ideal losing weight and those who follow the figure. Read more

The history of ice cream recipes food + 2 unique recipes!

The history of ice cream recipes food + 2 unique recipes!

There is no person on earth who at least once has not tried ice cream. The diversity of this dessert does not allow remaining indifferent to it. Even sophisticated gourmets can choose to your taste frozen sweetness. Composition of ice cream is that it is rightly considered the most useful and at the same times the most nutritious product. And the ice cream can be considered as a time machine for adults — enjoying a favorite treat, quietly transported to childhood days when ice cream was the invariable attribute of each day.

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