Diet recipes

Sugar free diet plan


Sugar free diet plan

Sugar free diet plan will help to effectively adjust the weight. Sugar is an essential ingredient in favorite desserts, pastries, cheese dishes and so on. And yet it is added to cereal, sweet soups, preserves, jams and dairy products. But the benefits of this product is minimal, and therefore it is necessary to give up its use, especially if you want to successfully lose weight. Read more

Dukan diet plan — attack phase


Dukan diet plan

Dukan diet plan is not only the safest and most effective of all existing diets, and should be adopted as a plan of life, to be followed strictly. Dukan diet plan has didactic value, that is, it does not leave a person in the dark, and allows you to get complete information about every food product and the manner of its use in the diet. The purpose of the diet is to define the correct path that will lead to weight loss. Besides, this way implies clear instructions that give the opportunity to avoid conflict between the will and desires. Read more

Weight loss diet plan


Weight loss diet plan

Again, this age-old question of losing weight … We so often and write a lot about it, so try to follow the rules of various diets and exhausting exercise itself, it would seem that this problem has to be solved for a long time. So why lose weight to drop the extra weight does not work? Read more

1000 calorie diet


1000 calorie diet

In order to sustain a diet of 1000 calories, you will have to present themselves thus kitten stomach which not more than a thimble. Include in the diet of all kinds of healthy foods, but in very small quantities. Read more

1200 calorie diet


1200 calorie diet

The best weight loss option — no harm to the body. This means that in the diet should be a balance of all the substances necessary for the person, but the number of power value tends to a minimum. One of the most reasonable options — on a 1200 calorie diet. It is suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and is unable to engage in sports. Read more

Healthy dinner menus

Healthy dinner menusHealthy dinner menus. Warm delicious dinner — the most pleasant completion of a busy day or a long-awaited weekend and healthy dinner menus. Read more

Ulcer diet recipes

Ulcer diet recipes — a detailed description and useful tips.

Diet for ulcers — examples of recipes. Ulcer diet — a description of the general principles

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Diabetic diet recipes

Diabetic diet recipes — detailed description and useful tips.

Diet for diabetes — examples of recipes.  Diabetic diet — a description of the general principles and recipes

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Protein diet recipe

Protein diet — a detailed description and useful tips.

Reviews protein diet recipes and examples. Protein diet — a description of the general principles

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