Alcoholic drink

Alcoholic drink

How to quit drinking

How to quit drinkingThis article focuses on a very critical and urgent, question how to quit drinking. Here we will talk about that, how to quit drinking forever and do it yourself. I’m not going to talk about emergency measures, such as coding: This post is dedicated to those who want to cope with this disease on their own and never to come back to alcohol. Read more

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beveragesIn drawing up the menu festive table a lot of attention should be paid to proper feeding alcoholic beverages, so they go well with food, supplementing its taste. This is not possible without an understanding of what an aperitif and digestif — alcoholic beverages. That’s what I tell these concepts further. Read more

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addictionStage of alcohol addiction. Total decided to allocate 3 stages of alcohol addiction and a step preceding the development depending on alcoholic beverages. Read more

Daiquiri recipe

Daiquiri recipeThere is not much of a cocktail which to catch up with the recognition daiquiri recipe. With simple structure and original taste he has a lot of fans around the world, among them even famous people. I’ll tell you how to cook daiquiri recipe at home, alone, we look at the most popular variations. Read more

Am i an alcoholic

Am i an alcoholicDetermine, am i an alcoholic, or your happiness, parents do not have awarded you the necessary genes to produce such a high rank, can be quite simple. Anyone who knows how to face it, feel it immediately. Typically, the transition from immoderate drinking to am i an alcoholic is as if the jump. A month ago, was not an alcoholic, but here again, and already am i an alcoholic. Read more

Martini drink. Description composition useful properties

Martini drink. Description composition useful properties

Martin was once unquestionable attribute «glamorous» life, symbol of aristocratic parties and social events. But over time, this Martini drink rid his pretentious overtones and became available to many fans of «elegance» of alcohol.

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