How to make cakes? Cake making


How to make cakes? Cake making

How to make cakes? Make a simple cake with his hands the power of anyone who has ever had something ready-made, simple recipes in his kitchen. I like a man who has made a cake with his hands for the first time in my life, I can accurately and safely assert this.

Before that I only liked to eat cakes and always thought that to do with their hands in the home can be a delicious cake and a large master it takes a lot of time.

It turned out wrong. You can do a simple delicious cake with his hands without any skill and fast.

I learned and saw this recipe is made from a sweet girl, and when I tried, I decided to necessarily repeat at home and tell you how to do. And not just because it was the most delicious cake.

I saw the new features that give this simple recipe.

Now, before the holidays, you can`t buy the cake shop and are not afraid that it is not fresh.

Do decoration on the cake with his hands, which gives great scope for imagination and unique individuality.

You can make a cake as a gift in addition to the present. And not necessarily a gift for the holiday, but simply as a sign of attention, love, good mood, good morning, conciliation or treats.

How to make cakes?

Our cake will be several sponge cakes and cream.

Sponge cakes for the cake will not make your hands, because it is easier and faster to buy ready-made. They are now sold in many supermarkets and grocery stores and are not expensive.

The cream will make their own butter and condensed milk.

On the one cake should be 250 -300 grams of butter, plus one can of condensed milk.

If the oil is frozen, it is necessary to defrost, you can speed up the process, cut it into small pieces.

You can`t soften, melting the butter on fire, you do not get a normal cream!

Further, to make a simple cream cake, thawed, beat butter with condensed milk in a blender.

Cream of oil with condensed milk should be uniform.

All that remains to put it into cakes, I have three of them, so that between them and the top was the cream.

The top layer can be decorated with berries with your hands, there will your taste and imagination.

I had a little black currant, taking frozen, but it would have made the word «simple cake with his hands.» I think it would look great.

Last, the final stage, we give a simple cake to stand in the refrigerator.

During this time the cream becomes thick and non-flowing.

And so, after 2-3 hours the result, it was possible to make a simple cake with his hands decorated with berries currants.

Cake-calorie, therefore not for permanent use. I recommend just to eat in a pleasant and friendly company!