Cheesecake recipe

Cheesecake recipe

I had not cooked cheesecake. Only met them in the picture, admired and thought someday I’ll make such beauty! And in order table online reader wrote to me asking Elena cook cheesecake. What an idea! That’s a reason to learn! Moreover, that is … and cottage cheese.

I shall warn: this is not a classic cheesecake recipe. But simple cheesecake at home can cook every woman, even if your city never heard about cheese «Philadelphia» and similar delicacies.

And it turned out very tender and tasty, just mouth-watering! Gentle, not very sweet curd and tonyusenkie shortcake — a delightful combination! Great alternative as tender and tasty casserole and dumplings lazy, if you are preparing them and wondering what else to build this cottage cheese.

So, our debut — cheesecake recipe!

Cheesecake recipe with cottage cheese

After reviewing several different recipes, I learned the following:

1. Cheesecake traditionally made with cream cheese. Cheesecake recipe accordingly means «cheese cake » (cheese-cake »). Of course, this is not a classic cheesecake, and perhaps the true gourmets say that he is more like a casserole … but still very tasty variation on his theme.

2. Basis for cheesecake — shortcake. And not a cake dough or flaky, or even some. It seemed easier to make your universal shortbread dough. But then I tried the classic method is easier, and I liked him, as for ease of execution and taste. Need to cut in a grinder cookie crumb pour in melted butter, mix, tamp the bottom of the form, laid by parchment and refrigerate. You can take a chocolate cookie crumb or add cocoa, turns out very tasty!

Step by step cheesecake recipe

3. Here is a base — shortcake and cheese (curd), well diverse set of variations! Which only cheesecakes I do not see enough, while collecting information. Blueberry, raspberry, berry at all; marble and chocolate, cherry and lemon! That would all try it!

But now let’s practice together and bake the easiest homemade cheesecake.

Ingredients for cheesecake recipe with cottage cheese

Ingredients for simple cheesecake with cream cheese:


— Incomplete cup flour (3/4 (three-fourths of the) cup capacity of 250 g, you can pour a spoonful or two tablespoons if dough will seem steep enough);

— Half a pack of butter 125 g (qualitative or margarine);

— 1 tablespoon of sugar.

The dough can be replaced by:

— 300-400 g biscuits (such as «warm milk» or sand that crumbles easily);

— 100 g butter.


— 500 g of fresh cottage cheese (buy in the proven area);

— 2 eggs;

— 3 tablespoons sugar;

— 125 g of 20 % cream.

How to cook cheesecake recipe at home:

Oil, sugar and flour mash hands

Making the dough: cut pieces of butter into the flour, add the sugar and mash with hands in chips and then mesa until into a ball.

Shortbread dough cheesecake recipe

Blanketed the bottom split mold confectionery parchment (as baking biscuit), bumpers, I greased and paper itself too, just in case … so you do not tear off. Distribute the dough form a patty with borders height of 2-3 cm in diameter form I 24cm , enough dough and cake butt turned tonyusenkie . So if there is, take the form of smaller

Distribute the dough form

Bake our cake at about 200 ° C for 15 minutes, but not yet fully. Meanwhile, you can make the filling.

Wipe the curd through a colander

Curd is very desirable through a sieve (strainer). I do not really like to do it, but requires sacrifice for the sake of … I rubbed curd cheesecake and was very pleased with the results: the consistency of the filling was very nice and gentle! Look what have become fluffy curds.

Grated cheese

Add sugar, 1 egg and a little 20 seconds, whisk mixer.

Add sugar and egg

Add the second egg and whisk again.

Add the second egg

Add sour cream and whisk again.

Add sour cream

Filling for cheesecake ready.

We took out the cake, there stuffing.

Put the filling on the cake

Spread the spoon and put back.

Spread the stuffing

Often met advice: when baking cheesecake put on the bottom of the oven with a bowl of water. Why — I do not know. I do not put.

My cheesecake pesky on small lights about 160C, more than an hour. Then, at 1 hour 10 minutes, when the median is well cooked, slightly increased the fire to become the top golden. In total, the cheesecake was in the oven over a half hour, but it is an individual parameter for each oven. With its baking and do not rush — over high heat, he just snaps.

Bake cheesecake recipe until golden brown

Ready cheesecake for some time, for 10-15 minutes, keeping open the oven, then take out and give it to cool in the mold.

Cooled cheesecake gently pull out, revealing the shape and transport it directly to the paper on a dish. Then gently pull out the paper.

Cheesecake recipe is ready

They say he should infuse a few hours in the fridge, but … hard to resist! The cheesecake was still warm household taste … and taste so that half of it left. So I recommend! Enjoy tea and successful you cheesecakes!