Pickled cabbage recipes food

Pickled cabbage recipes food — the best recipes.

How to cook and eat pickled cabbage in winter. Pickled cabbage recipes food — general principles and methods of preparation.

Crispy and spicy pickled cabbage love her almost everything. Simple calculations show that 2 kg of pickled cabbage contain only 763 calories. This is really a welcome snack at any table, the perfect complement to meat, fish, boiled potatoes and other dishes. There’s no need to marinate the cabbage in large quantities — is available at any time of the year vegetable and long-term storage, it gets a little dark and a grayish hue. You can cook 2-3 jars for the winter, and then try another recipe from an infinite number of variations.

Pickled cabbage recipes food — preparation products

You can marinate any sort of cabbage recipes food — like cabbage, and of red. It becomes a very delicate flavor after a few days. The difference between pickled and pickled cabbage is the addition of a small amount of vinegar and sugar. As a rule, first preparing the hot brine. Red cabbage itself is more rigid, but if it marinate, it becomes soft and tender. Cabbage is created for marinating. Any cuisine of the world can give us your recipes.

Pickled cabbage recipes for winter food — the best recipes

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