Fried Cabbage — food recipes

Fried Cabbage — the best recipes.

How to cook and eat fried cabbage. Fried Cabbage — general principles and methods of preparation

Continuing the theme of simple and tasty dishes. Fried Cabbage is undoubtedly the perfect side dish to meat dishes. Many will say that it is impossible to fry cabbage, it’s more like stewing. We will not argue. Whatever you call this process — cooked in a pan or in a pressure pot cabbage is very tasty. And useful. Different, richer flavors are obtained by adding meat, sausages, offal, fungi, and other products. Interesting and quite unlike the usual dishes you can get cauliflower. In this case, in the food are unopened flowers (flower buds). Cauliflower is valued for delicate flavor and ease of preparation. Second course cabbage cannot just fire, but also bake casseroles, casserole cook from it or add to vegetable stew. Do not dispose of young roots — they are the most useful substances. They can also be used by rubbing on a coarse grater.

Fried Cabbage — preparation products

Regular cabbage does not need special training — enough to remove the top leaves, shred it or cut squares. But the numbers in the cooking process can change and become pale and ugly. To avoid this, you can cut the cabbage and pour over boiling water for a minute to pour cold water. Now after frying it will have a fresh new look and will not get brown.

Fried Cabbage — the best recipes