Cabbage stew, food recipes

Cabbage stew, food recipes

Very simple recipe, it can make even novice mistress. Number of cabbage should be taken based on the volume cauldron, where it will be extinguished and the number of consumers.

On average, you can take one or half a small head of a large; it goes by weight 1-1.5 kg. Even if it seems like too much of sliced cabbage, during quenching juice and let it settle, i.e. decrease in volume. Cabbage is better to take the late varieties, i.e. autumn harvest. In addition to salt and pepper to taste, you can put dried dill, parsley and bay leaf. Some like more fresh cabbage, then it should be put out without the addition of tomato paste.

Ingredients for cabbage stew recipes food:

  • Cabbage,
  • 2-3 medium onions,
  • 50 — 70g of tomato paste,
  • Cooking oil,
  • Salt and pepper.

Method of cooking cabbage stew, food recipes

Shred cabbage medium-sized strips, onion — rings. In the cauldron with hot oil fry the onion, and then add the tomato paste and cabbage. Slightly fry it, stirring with a tomato and onion, add a half cup of hot water. When the mass boil, reduce heat and simmer until soft cabbage. It takes 30-40 minutes. For about ten minutes before the end of cabbage pepper and salt.