Cabbage fried with mushrooms

Cabbage fried with mushrooms

Regular cabbage and mushrooms — it’s easy and delicious. Keep cabbage not to burn, but still not to pour water until cabbage is not good fry thoroughly. So will not taste watery and richer.

Ingredients for fried cabbage with mushrooms recipes food:

  • Cabbage (300 grams),
  • Mushrooms (200 grams),
  • Salt,
  • Vegetable oil.

Method of cooking cabbage with mushrooms fried food recipes

Cabbage cut into strips and put in pan. Pour vegetable oil and season with salt. Fried cabbage and then simmer until soft. You can add carrots, spoon tomato or chopped tomato. Cut the mushrooms into large chunks and add to the cabbage. Simmer for another 30 minutes without the lid. Cabbage with mushrooms fried food recipes

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