Braised cabbage with mushrooms, food recipes

Braised cabbage with mushrooms, food recipes

Cabbage with mushrooms has a terrific taste. Preparing it in the oven, but not before the vegetables is fried in a pan on a hot plate. Quenching process takes from 40 minutes to one hour. The time depends on the hardness and temperature of cabbage in the oven. At the output of cabbage gets nice light brown color and just melts in your mouth.

Ingredients for Braised cabbage with mushrooms, recipes food:

  • 1.5 kg fresh cabbage,
  • 0.5 kg of carrots,
  • 4 large onions,
  • Any pound fresh mushrooms,
  • Tomato paste — 100 g,
  • Salt to taste and spices.

Method of preparation Braised cabbage with mushrooms, food recipes:

Cabbage cut into quarters and chop into fine strips. Pour into the pan a few spoonful’s of oil, heat it and fry the cabbage. All cabbage hardly fit. Therefore, you need to fry in batches and transfer cauldron. Stir-fry until it is soft and will not decrease in volume. Much oil injection is not necessary, so that the cabbage was only slightly moistened them.

Cut the onion into half rings or small cubes and fry. Add carrots and stew until soft — you can pour a little water. Put it into the cauldron.

Mushrooms arbitrarily cut and put on almost a dry frying pan. As they start up the juice, it should be drained into the cauldron, and mushrooms in the pan to pour the oil and fry. They also shift into a cauldron. Content seemed necessary to add salt, stir, add tomato paste (it can be slightly diluted with water), a couple of glasses of boiling water and place in oven (180 — 200C). Simmer with the lid open until tender.

Periodically, the cauldron should look and interested state cabbage. If the water will boil away, you can add it gradually. 15 minutes to complete quenching add some bay leaves and salt.

Braised cabbage with mushrooms, food recipes