Tea benefits of green tea black tea


Tea benefits of green tea black tea benefits

Where tea grows — the most popular drink in the world. It is obtained by the infusion of dried leaves in a special way the young Chinese camellia bush that grows in tropical and sub-tropical mountain forests.

Tea bush likes warmth and ample sunlight and the presence of moderate soil moisture and regular feeding fertilizers. This plant is grown in many countries around the world, most of them tea production — an important sector of agriculture, bringing considerable income. Many people gathered young leaves of the plant manually, dedicating this work all my life.

The cultivation of tea in different countries in Africa, Africa Tea is grown mainly in Kenya. The famous Kenyan tea is world famous for its rich flavor and strength. The largest plantations of the country are concentrated here. In Cameroon, there are several impressive size of plantations producing quality teas.

Tea from Malawi, as a rule, is the production of different mixtures, and in South Africa grown black tea, not so long ago began to enjoy great popularity Rooibos — Red Tea, which is also planted in these areas. South Asia is the largest region in the world, producing tea is Assam. It is here that grow traditional varieties of tea, giving a strong infusion of intense color and flavor, slightly sweet flavor. In Darjeeling because of the unusual combination of climate, topography and humidity grown teas with exquisite taste and delicate aroma. The harvest is collected throughout the year, each time getting raw materials of unsurpassed quality.

The Nilgiri tea is a refreshing, with a unique velvety taste and delicate smell. Terai — tea growing area with piquant flavor characteristics. In Sri Lanka, growing many kinds of tea bush: to collect lowlands strong, dark beers that complement many special tea blend at medium altitudes receive traditional varieties with a copper color infusion, and a highland areas — high-quality tea, a nice golden color infusion.

Far East, China is perhaps the focal point of the most common varieties of tea that is grown in many provinces of the country. It is in these areas the tradition of the special tea ceremony, returning cheerful mood and physical activity. Here we teach the skill of tea art and pay special attention to the use of tea.

Indonesian tea has a sweet taste and a light shade of infusion. It is used to produce a variety of blends. In Japan, mainly produce green teas, «Gyokuro», «Hodzic», «Match» and others. On the island of Taiwan is grown classic black tea, a little bit of green teas, «oolong» famous red varieties. Tea plantations of the island are located at a distance of no more than 400 meters above sea level that extends the growing season of tea bushes and collects rich harvests. Tea is grown in South America: In Brazil and Peru, but the plantation of this plant is not as significant as in the above areas.