Breakfast meals


Breakfast meals

Breakfast meals. What to cook for breakfast is easy, quick and tasty? Getting up in the morning to work, we think that this would eat to survive until lunch and we often forget that a full breakfast — the guarantee of health. Complete does not mean that you should eat breakfast fat leg of lamb and digest it all day, which means that breakfast should be nutritious, well absorbed by the possibility of vitamins and more — beautiful, giving cheerfulness for the entire first half of the day.

Porridge for breakfast meals

Eat only porridge babies — you say and will not be right. Oatmeal cereal — it is one of the most correct and balanced breakfast. Kashi (porridge) is not heavy for the stomach has not yet woken up, they are digested slowly, gradually giving the same energy needed by the body. If you need to prepare breakfast quickly to the aid of cereals, which are now made from any grain, they cook 5 minutes.

And that the porridge was delicious and even more useful, add the butter or pieces of fruit fresh or dried. Porridge — the only permissible breakfast for preschool and primary school age child.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast meals

Probably, the most common breakfast — scrambled eggs. Nourishing, but sleepy stomach a little bit hard, because in case of problems with digestion is better to eat cereal for breakfast or to combine eggs with vegetables. Here’s, for example, the original and useful scrambled eggs with a flower in a sweet pepper:

Man, husband, loved the best fit in the sausage or scrambled eggs with bacon, vegetables because it just does not feels full.

And for the strongest stomachs — fried in lard. Very satisfying.

If you — happy owner multi-cooking, Lego and quick to cook eggs in it. Getting enough dietary dish is prepared as completely without fat:

Recipe eggs in multi-cooking.

Omelet breakfast meals

You can diversify a wonderful breakfast omelets, which in addition to eggs assume addition of other ingredients.

The scrambled eggs are added sausages, milk, vegetables, and even mushrooms. An example of a classic, but very tasty and air omelet:

  • Delicate omelet with vegetables
  • A delicious quick breakfast omelet with vegetables
  • Scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese
  • Scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese, a quick breakfast

That such an omelet with mushrooms. Cooking is not too fast, but easy, so it is suitable for breakfast in your output.

Another recipe omelet rather roll out of it. Tasty, but again preparing too fast- Roll omelet.

Eggs can simply boil hard boiled or scrambled.

You can make a quick pizza for breakfast, it is akin to an omelette but with a variety of ingredients.

Pizza Express, what to cook for breakfast easily

Sandwiches for Breakfast meals

Sandwiches are perfect for breakfast for children over 9 years and adults, but it is desirable not to use «dry food», be sure to post them a hot drink. Sandwich Recipes: sausage sandwiches, sandwiches with caviar sandwiches with tomatoes.

Cottage cheese breakfast meals

Cottage cheese mash with sour cream, add the pieces of fruit and muesli — turns out very tasty. And if you have at least 40 minutes to cook breakfast, treat yourself curd cheesecakes. Cheesecakes with raisins.

Prepare breakfast meals in advance

Sometimes, well, really I do not want anything to cook in the morning and want to eat. If you have a repeat of the morning in the morning, breakfast dish is best to prepare the evening. A good example of this dishes are pita rolls. Fillings for such rolls can be very different, roll, cooled and infused in the refrigerator and in the morning just ready to eat. Here is a sampling of recipes.

  • With salmon
  • Pita Roll
  • With mushrooms
  • Pita Roll with mushrooms
  • With canned fish
  • Rolls of pita bread with canned fish
  • Or Royal cheese rolls
  • Cheese rolls Royal

If you have free time you can cook pancakes for breakfast with all kinds of toppings, pancakes and all sorts of puddings. On our site you will find a variety of delicious breakfast dishes that are prepared quickly and easily. There are dishes for preschool children and school children, as well as a delicious breakfast, which you can treat her beloved husband or a favorite. Bon Appetit!