Breakfast ideas


Breakfast ideas

Good morning, a new day! Breakfast should not be neglected, the body needs energy, ahead of a long and busy day. This article is about the breakfast ideas every day.

We offer ideas for delicious and healthy breakfast ideas for the whole week. The recipes are simple, and their preparation will take you a minimum of time.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Fruit, cheese and nuts

One of the most nutritious and balanced breakfast recipes as follows: cut into slices of apple cubes of cheddar and a handful of walnuts.

Apple may be replaced by any other seasonal fruit or berries, such as pears, apricots, nectarines, grapes, strawberries. Use Semisolid varieties. Walnuts can be replaced with hazelnuts or cashews. In all kinds of nuts contain a unique set of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Breakfast ideas. The Smoothies

Smoothies — a fruit and berry puree. It’s quick and easy to digest and contains a lot of useful.

For making smoothies need fresh or frozen fruits and berries, which are crushed in a blender until the consistency of mashed potatoes. It is best to prepare smoothies 50/50, combining fruit with firm flesh (such as a banana or mango) with a school, or get too thick puree.

The resulting drink can be diluted with water, milk or yogurt. In summer the hot weather will rescue a couple of ice cubes, crushed in a blender along with fresh fruit. If desired, in the fruit cocktail, you can add honey and granola. Options are numerous, it all depends on your imagination and preferences.

Try a combination of strawberries with yogurt; blueberry and grapefruit; raspberries, banana and milk. Fruit and vegetable mixture also has an interesting flavor, such as apple, carrot and orange.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Eggs are not only diet, but also useful product. They provide the easiest to digest protein, so the omelettes and scrambled eggs that need just awakened body. Eggs are rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, vitamins A, E, D, as well as choline, responsible for the active work of the brain.

Fried eggs of several perfectly complement grill tomatoes in a pan, fried mushrooms, zucchini, spinach or bell peppers. Do not forget sprinkle with all this greenery or grated «Parmesan», and breakfast can be considered a success.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Ricotta, soft cheese and grapes

Ricotta — a very popular ingredient in many dishes in Italian cuisine.

An excellent option for those who like sweet will slice wholemeal bread with ricotta and white seedless grapes. Optionally, you can add a little honey. Tasty, nutritious and easy as all ingenious.

Instead, you can use honey or syrup, jam, cheese or feta cheese curds replace (who prefer longer salty cheese). By the way, to remove excess salinity, feta can be soaked for a few minutes in water (preferably mineral) or milk before you start cooking. Cheese can also be replaced by a thick sour cream, add slices of fresh strawberries drizzled with chocolate syrup.

A little imagination, to listen to their taste preferences and breakfast, pleasing the eyes and stomach — on the table.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Parfait of yogurt and granola

Multi-layer dessert parfait perfect not only for the holiday table, but also for everyday breakfast. Pamper yourself too, need. Parfait many love for his lightness and ease. Another distinct advantage — the ease of preparation.

So preparing parfait layers. At the bottom of the ice-cream bowls or cups Put a little honey roasted muesli, then — a layer of yogurt (fruit or plain), topped with syrup or honey.

Experiment with ingredients is endless, for example, replace the cereal crumbs of biscuits, yogurt — whipped cream, add the pieces of fruit and berries, chopped nuts, fruit puree, fruit juice, etc.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Fans of buckwheat

In buckwheat contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, potassium, iodine and other useful minerals. Of the vitamins — PP, B1 and B2. In order to preserve all useful, rump is best not to be heat treated, and use the following recipe.

1 cup washed buckwheat pour 2 cups of drinking carbonated water and leave to infuse at night, morning, drain the remaining water. Buckwheat get the same soft and crumbly as when cooking. It is best to take the unground (whole, nedroblёnnoe grain). It is advisable not to salt porridge without sugar and did not add any spices. This is the most difficult. You can pour the yogurt with low-fat or milk, and breakfast is ready.

Buckwheat is useful for intestines, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, is known for its cholesterol-lowering properties, moreover, helps relieve stress and mild depression, raising the level of dopamine.

Not so original and beautiful, like a smoothie or Frapa, but utility rife.

  1. Breakfast ideas. Curd

Cottage cheese — an ideal product for breakfast.

100 grams of cottage cheese, cut into slices of banana, all this season with a couple of tablespoons of natural yogurt, homemade jam or honey.

Herbal or green tea with a slice of wholemeal bread with butter or cheese complement your breakfast.

P.S. Prefer sandwich of white bread with sausage fruit, yogurt, cereals, nuts, cheese, cereals. Your stomach will thank you.

Right and nutritious breakfast ideas for you!