Vodka drink. Description, composition, the benefits and harms

Vodka drink. Description, composition, the benefits and harms

Nowadays vodka «flows like water» at weddings and special anniversaries, and once 40% was only good remedy that helps even in complex diseases

Description Vodka drinks

Vodka called a strong alcoholic drink is a mixture of water and alcohol, colorless solution strength from 40.0 to 53.0 degrees, with a strong aroma and mild flavor. During the preparation of vodka sorting (i.e., water-alcohol mixture) is passed through a modified starch or activated charcoal and then filtered. Special vodka with a specific aroma and flavor characteristics produced by adding different ingredients and chemical flavorings type thickeners , vitamins, stabilizers , etc. By making a drink of various herbs, seeds, spices, roots and get a variety of liqueurs. And for making certain types of vodka distilled fermented sweet liquid.

Today there are three main types of this drink: vodka ordinary (or bread wine), and a special fruit. Vulgaris is a 40% solution of alcohol, cleared of fuel oil in the water. Cleaning is performed in two ways: cold — on vodka factories or hot — for rectification. Alcohol diluted with water to the optimum strength (40-45 %), and then filtered through a few tubs that fill with charcoal (the best — birch), fuel oil absorbent. Most quality vodka made from rectified, i.e. edible alcohol.

Special vodka prepared by dissolving in alcohol or ordinary vodka different essential oils, aromatic substances. And to get a vodka fruit, ripe berries crush, squeeze the juice, sweetened and yeast is added to make the mixture to ferment. Next is the fermented wort can only overtake?

Nowadays vodka «flows like water» at weddings and special anniversaries, and once 40 was only good remedy. The history of this bitter drink associated with the emergence of distillation. Some sources of this invention are credited with the authorship of the Arabs; others argue that alcohol was first obtained by unknown Italian alchemists in the XI-XII century. , while others are convinced that the distillation process at the same time and became known in the West and in the East. Officially, the term «vodka», which arose in Moscow, began to be used only in the XIX century. Prior to this, as soon as the drink is not known: and boiled wine, and a tavern. First vodka Russians and Ukrainians met in XIV century: it is the progenitor of aqua vitae (i.e. «water of life «), which brought foreign ambassadors from Genoa. First it was the universal medicine, and soon it began to regale the guests and pouring the glasses during the feast. However, not accustomed to the high alcohol content Russians and Ukrainians brought medicine diluted with water, and later started his own produce. Basis of new Russian vodka was rye and wheat wine that was on the local lands in excess.

Introduction to the XIX century. State monopoly on vodka production and trade has significantly improved the quality of official alcohol. No merit in these last «alcoholic» stories by the famous chemist Mendeleev, who made her uniform and higher quality. It was he who set the standard in 40 % of the fortress and won in 1984 design patent for Russian vodka called «Moscow is very special.»

Composition and use Vodka drink

This strong drink has long been known for its antimicrobial effect and warming. Popular recipe for cold — drink a glass of vodka at night with a slight addition of pepper at the first symptoms of malaise — have not tried except that lazy. In addition, based on vodka tincture prepared much treatment that can help in very serious diseases: diabetes, hepatitis and even cancer. 40 often used and externally: insect bites, muscle tension, strong sting and various skin irritation will fit vodka and otitis media: it diluted with water, it is recommended to dig into the ear to reduce the inflammatory process. This drink is used in exceptional cases and as an anesthetic — if at hand are no painkillers, and the patient requires emergency care. In such emergency situations allow drinking half a cup of drink, then blunted feelings of the victim, and he can avoid a painful shock.

Vodka drink

Vodka drink harm

This drink is very complicated. It can both relax man and send him to the hospital ward. Treated vodka prohibited children and patients with chronic diseases, and to use it for enjoyable occasion’s worth moderately and without fanaticism. Because it harms the cells in the brain and changes the biological processes that slow down the central nervous system , stimulates the production of urine (because of what is happening dehydration ) , whets the appetite for a short time , however, continued administration of the paralyzing effect of the liver and pancreas. Vodka drink

Lethal dose for the «untrained » person can become a one-time administration of 400 g of ethyl alcohol — such portion of alcohol can lead to heart failure or stroke. Use of large doses of vodka always leaves its mark on the disastrous human health: alcohol is carried through the arteries to all organs and destroys them. Vodka drink