Rum drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

Rum drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

Rum drink — favorite drink late XVII century, cheerful and brave buccaneer’s bloodthirsty hunters, and the morale of the British sailors — to this day remains the most «correct» booze for real adventurers

Description rum drink

Everyone knows that in the old days was known as a rum drink pirates, brigands and slavers. Considered the birthplace of the drink Greater and Lesser Antilles, which are located in the Caribbean — Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba. In these states, the rum is the most important export commodity. Taste and color of the drink produced on different islands, different, and all the subtleties of making rum kept in the strictest confidence. Yet it is known that the initial raw material in all recipes is the sticky syrup — a residual product of sugar production from sugarcane. First began producing rum in the XVII century on the Caribbean island of Barbados sugar cane. Soon the popularity of the drink produced in the Caribbean spread to Colonial America and Austria. Associate rum with the British Royal Navy began in 1655, when British sailors captured Jamaica. Soon Britain established its own production of pirate drink, which is present in the daily diet of British sailors. In the Soviet Union in the mid 50 — is of XX century established the production of so-called «Soviet Roma» — bitters of rum alcohol and prune juice. Rum alcohol for «Soviet Roma» was obtained from sugar cane growing in the Central Asian republics. The quality of our rum, which in those years was exported to almost 20 countries, was not inferior to many brands of Cuban rum.

Rum is a distilled spirits are made from by-products of sugar production (molasses and cane syrup) with the help of their special yeast fermentation and subsequent distillation. After distillation of the formed transparent liquid which is placed in oak barrels where it is aged for several years at a temperature 18-22 ° C. After exposure can blended rum to give it a different flavor and aroma bouquets: beverage producers add cinnamon, vanilla, plum, caramel, clover, pineapple. The strongest rums reach up to 75 % vol. Depending on the color of the drink all rums are usually divided into light, golden, dark and flavored. Flavored rum is obtained by adding to the light or golden rum different fruit flavor additives, such as orange, lemon or coconut. Light rum (also silver, white) is a clear, sweet drink without bright flavors, so this rum is used as basis in the preparation of various cocktails. Gold (amber) rum aged in oak barrels and is usually decorated with caramel flavor. Gold rums have chocolate and vanilla notes used chilled or over ice. Dark (black) long rum aged in oak barrels charred why and becomes black. Dark rums have a pronounced taste of molasses with a touch of caramel and spice notes sometimes. Dark rum may be added to a cocktail or used in cooking, but most often consumed in its pure form as a digestive after lunch or dinner. Served rum in «old-fashioned» — glasses with thick walls and even thicker bottom. Usually added to the rum ice, sometimes a piece of lemon. And sometimes as an accompaniment to the rum served hot chocolate or coffee. Dark rum aged 4-7 years orange snack sprinkled with cinnamon milled. In addition, dark rum goes well with cigars. Rum drink

On the basis of light rum cook a lot of variety of cocktails , » Cuba Libre » (rum , cola and lime, the most popular cocktail in the world ), » Daiquiri » ( rum, lime and sugar ), » Pina Colada » (rum , coconut milk and pineapple juice) , «Mojito» (rum and mint leaves ), » Tia Maria » ( rum, sugar , vanilla and a special type of coffee grown in Jamaica ) . In addition to cocktails, rum used in the manufacture of confectionery masterpieces and preparation of desserts: it can be sweet rum balls with fruit or rum cake. An interesting method of preserving fruits and berries, the so-called rumtopf, too, is not without rum. Fresh berries in the summer pile at the bottom of the clay pot and sprinkle with sugar. Once the berries ‘ juice give «they completely poured rum. Then, as other berry maturation similar manner a second layer stack and it is poured rum, third layer, etc. throughout the summer. And for making layers rumtopfa using all means in the garden fruits and berries: strawberries, cherries, plums, apricots, currants. This dish is stored all winter in a cool place and used as a dessert in its pure form, as compote or as an additive to ice cream.

Composition and useful properties Rum drink

Since rum from sugar cane manufactured, in its structure is present dextrin, glucose, maltose, and some minerals. A small portion of the Roma undoubtedly warm in cold weather will help reduce fatigue after a difficult labor everyday life and just lift your spirits. It is believed that rum positive effect on the digestive process, so it is a digestif (from the Latin. Digestivus — «digestive «) — drinks served to the end of the meal to improve digestion. It is known that alcohol can irritate the lining of the stomach and thereby stimulate the production of gastric juice.

Rum drink

In cosmetology, there are many products on the basis of the Roma: it masks and lotions for the skin of hands and face, balms and shampoos. In folk medicine, widespread recipes rum-based, allowing fighting rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, sore throat and colds.

Contraindications rum drink

By drinking rum, as well as any other alcoholic beverage, you should always remember that alcohol in large doses — it is a toxic substance, in fact — the poison, which negatively affects the body, especially the brain. Strong rum begins to be absorbed in the mouth through the mucosa, and the bloodstream rapidly spreads throughout the body, where it begins to decompose. Products of decomposition of the highly toxic, they poison primarily neural cells and brain cells. The time it takes for the body to complete cleansing of toxins after alcohol poisoning, is more than a week. It turns out that having a drink on a regular basis, even in small doses; a person does not realize such a respite, poisoning your brain with new and new doses of alcohol. As a result of impaired motor coordination, mental activity is weakening, deteriorating eyesight and speech. In short, the degradation of the drinker — there. So do not be keen on rum. Way this «pirate «drink only occasionally serve you digestif or spoil you in cocktails at the holiday table.