Punch drink. Description composition useful properties

Punch drink. Description composition useful properties

Punch drink — hot alcoholic cocktail of rum and juice, flavored with aromatic spices, which perfectly warm body and soul on a cold winter evening

Description Punch drinks

Punch drink — these are different alcoholic cocktails containing in its composition fruit juice or fresh fruit. Stamp considered English invention. This drink was first prepared in the early XVII century British sailors in India and quickly spread throughout Europe. Name of the drink comes from pantscha (Hindi is the number «five»), because the punch is usually composed of five essential components: rum, wine (or hot water), lemon juice, honey and spices (cloves or cinnamon).

Currently Stamp drink has no strict recipes and preparing depending on preference and experience of cooking. However, in all the variety of the drink recipes have one thing in common — an obligatory presence in the fruit juice punch. Spices, sugar, honey and rum mixed not exact proportions, and to your taste. Punch should not be very strong, so it is made from dry table wines that do not contain sugar. Sometimes wine can be replaced with a conventional hot water and brandy instead of rum used. Cook just drink, it is important to observe only some common rules. Hot water cannot be added directly to the rum, as all of it will evaporate essential and aromatic substances. First, the sugar may be dissolved in hot water (not boiling water) and only then add the rum. Ready punch is heated to 60-70 degrees and poured into tall glasses special refractory or ceramic (porcelain, porcelain) mugs. Conventional crystal glasses are not suitable for hot toddy, as they may burst from the heat. Preheat drink above this temperature should not be, since it included wine will lose its flavor and aroma quality.

Punch drink is deservedly considered a winter drink: it is perfectly warm in cold winter evening and help get rid of signs of a cold. Today, however, the word «punches «is rather a collective term for a variety of similar drinks. It is sometimes served and cold, or prepares a soft mixture of several fresh juices and canned fruit, fresh berries. Sometimes added punch tea, citrus slices, and rum are replaced by any hard liquor, such as vodka or brandy. Yet the most famous all over the world are «plantation punch», «Barbados Punch» and «Caribbean rum punch.» Barbados is preparing for one of the most ancient recipes: one part lemon juice, two parts sugar, three parts of Barbados rum and four parts water. Mandatory ingredients of punch are nutmeg and Angostura — bitters of spices and herbs, which give the drink a citrus aroma and acidic aftertaste.

Composition and useful properties Stamp drink

As part of the classic alcoholic punch, prepared on the rum or brandy in large amount of alcohol present and ethyl esters. Biologically active agents, and some tianin tannins contained in the beverage have antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effect. Alcohols dilate blood vessels, increase appetite and the production of gastric juice, and sometimes help reduce cramping and pain. If the composition of the punch includes natural honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, such beverage give you strength, and will soothe tonic effect. A natural juice in the beverage composition will bring an additional portion of the body of vitamins.

Stamp drink

Stamp drink fills the body with heat and energy, helps to relax and relieve stress after a hard day of stressful situations. Glass of hot punch would be a good preventive measure against colds, if you froze at the bus stop waiting for transport or wet feet.

Contraindications Stamp drinks

All the wonderful properties of punch will benefit the body only when the amount of alcohol consumed beverage is relatively small. Since the punch is prepared on the basis of strong alcohol, then they should not be abused, and people prone to alcoholism, it is better to completely abandon the use of this drink. Particular care should be drinking punch people having allergic reactions to honey and spices. Stamp drink

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