Mulled wine drink. Preparation, Description, composition

Mulled wine drink. Preparation, Description, composition

Fragrant aroma of mulled wine tonic many Europeans associated with traditional Christmas bazaars, and its rich flavor reminiscent of friendly gatherings around the fireplace or a fun evening at ski resorts

Description and preparation of mulled drink

Called mulled wine mulled wine to a certain temperature with various spices and herbs. It is traditionally consumed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK; it is often a pleasant aroma hovering over the festive square and souks on Christmas Eve.

Prototype of mulled wine can look back in the ancient era. Wine mixed with spices ancient Romans, however, smart enough to heat a drink only medieval monks of Europe. On the pages of a cookbook Brand Gavia Apitsiya dated I century AD , described drink recipe brewed with honey and pepper, with the addition of mastic , saffron , resins, dates and bay leaf and which was then diluted wine. However, such a mulled wine was available only wealthy people as spices while costs almost not inferior to gold. It is known that medieval monks prepared this aromatic drink on the basis of claret or burgundy and flavored it with grass galangal.

For this tonic drink perfectly the light young wine. Experts recommend dry or semi-dry wine rather weak, but the idea to use the dessert varieties should be abandoned — they are too sweet and strong, so much mulled wine will give alcohol. In addition to red wines, sparkling amiss and white semisweet. In Germany, found that the alcohol content in mulled wine should exceed 7 %.

This fragrant drink can be prepared as with water, and without it. In the second embodiment, the wine is added to the sugar and spices, heat over medium heat to 70-80 ° C, stirring occasionally. Since the aroma of spices not immediately disclosed, give drink brew for about 40 minutes. In any case cannot bring it to a boil. If water is used in the preparation, the fluid must be taken with 200 mL of calculation to 1 liter. Wine. It awhile spices cooked until cast their fragrant essential oils, after which the wine is added. There is also a recipe for non-alcoholic mulled wine: wine instead of grape juice is used, which also did not bring to a boil.

Ready to drink filtered using a metal strainer and pour into tall (so cool slowly) glasses of thick glass (to enjoy its color). Mulled wine can be stored in a thermos, of the way, he only wins because thickens slightly and infusions. Hot flavored drink usually drink in itself, although it is good in combination with many desserts and pastries: fruit pies, strudel, not very sweet biscuits and cheese.

Contraindications drink Mulled

This invigorating drink warm drink in reasonable doses is needed — no more than 2 glasses a day. From hot alcohol get drunk easily, and the abundance of active substances that are contained in spices can cause discomfort in the stomach. Besides the abuse of any alcohol always brings only harm. Mulled wine drink.