Jerez drink. Description composition useful properties

Jerez drink. Description composition useful properties

Sherry inherent strong tonic properties that he received the title of «King of aperitifs». In fact, this is appropriate and drink throughout the meal, because it is not «scores » taste any food, even fish and smoked , as do conventional wine

Description Jerez drinks

Sherry, sherry or fortified wine called from white grapes that are produced in Spain, in the geographic triangle between settlements Herés de la Frontera (through which the drink got its name), Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria. These three cities are located in the autonomous community of Andalusia in the south.

Production of this alcoholic beverage with alcohol content up to 20% different fermentation of grape must under the so-called flora, i.e., a specific type of film sherry yeast. In some species, this wine is stored on the surface floras barrels during the period of maturation of beverage, preventing its oxidation. Sherry inherent multifaceted bouquet of delicate flavors: it has a bulbous, almond nuts and resinous tone against which exquisitely «play» notes of wild cherry or chamomile. The taste of wine is very harmonious, soft and tender, with easily perceptible brackish, often with floral and even mushroom shades.

They say that the first production of sherry dates back to the 17-18 centuries. BC. His birthplace, Andalusia, alternately in the hands of the Romans, Moors, Phoenicians, Vandals, and Carthaginians — because of this fluidity peoples history is not kept clear information about the birth of strong wine. But we know that in this Spanish countryside on limestone soils albarisa that contain a lot of calcium and chalk, in Mediterranean climates, accompanied by hot dry summers and low rainfall, grows well and bears fruit in this region the main grape variety — Palomino. For best wines using the variety grown without supports, i.e. when bunches ripen, almost lying on the ground, which is not just heated, but right incandescent. For medium Sherries and blends used Palomino grown on sandy soils gray Barros, in which less calcium. And a very small part of the grape varieties Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez worst cultivated on red sandstone — Arenas. Harvests with them, usually added raisins, and then he goes to the production of sweet wines and concentrated grape juice for the final blends.

All Sherries begin their «life» as a fully attenuated dry wine. Grapes are harvested by hand at the beginning of autumn, and then in oak barrels is a rapid fermentation of the wort and then leave for the winter drink for clarification. In early spring, after testing each barrel produced wines are classified and fastened. The lightest and flavor purity fall into the category fino. Surface of such a wine yeast nestled solid film, i.e. flora, which will protect the drink during his maturation from unnecessary contact with oxygen. Thanks flora wine retains the ease and light in color, and the yeast, processing residual sugar, giving it a special spicy flavor and makes it dry.

Another category of Jerez drink called oloroso; make wine, whose surface is only partially covered with flora. They attach to 17%, while yeast die and the wine during aging undergoes further oxidation. The result is a dry sherry flavored dark amber viscous texture and nutty with a touch of taste.

The heaviest and aromatic wine classified as raya. It’s basically a distilled spirits for the production of brandy or vinegar.

Sherry inherent strong tonic properties that he received the title of «King of aperitifs» .In fact, this drink is appropriate for the whole meal , because it is not » scores » taste any food, even fish and smoked , as do ordinary wine. Sweet varieties of sherry perfectly accompany desserts. Same flavor drink seasoned perfectly with coffee and cigar smoke. Jerez is also excellent as a digestif, as the best way affects the digestive process.

Jerez drink. Composition and useful properties Jerez drink

At the end of XIX century in England at the urging pharmacists this drink was introduced into general use. In those days doctors even wrote out a similar recipe: sherry clean, every day a little bit. This drink is also used to extract the medicinal ingredients of the herbal medicines.

Today about the benefits of drinking a glass of sherry in reasonable doses greater say Spanish scientists. They proved that some medicinal properties of red wine apply to this drink; in particular sherry protects the heart and prevents the development of heart problems. In it were found polyphenols, which prevent «bad» cholesterol be the focus sticky and settle on the walls of blood vessels. Moderate drinking sherry, according to scientists, increases the production of «good» cholesterol that helps move your harmful «brother» of vessels in the liver, where it is eliminated from the body.

Harm and contraindications Jerez drink

In excessive doses of this drink, like any other alcohol, only destroys the body. Suffer from it all the vital systems and organs: central nervous system, brain, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract different organs, immune and cardiovascular systems, etc.