How to quit drinking

How to quit drinkingThis article focuses on a very critical and urgent, question how to quit drinking. Here we will talk about that, how to quit drinking forever and do it yourself. I’m not going to talk about emergency measures, such as coding: This post is dedicated to those who want to cope with this disease on their own and never to come back to alcohol.
The primary purpose of this article, do not just help you to get rid of alcohol addiction, and to show how to achieve such a psychological state in which, alcohol is not needed! This then is a qualitative difference between my methods from many others: I will tell you how to live and enjoy life without alcohol, instead of saying, as under the influence of external stimuli, including negative (such as encryption) to stop drinking for some time risk having to return to the bottle in the future.
how to quit drinking forever
This article focuses more on young people who do not have the most advanced stage of alcoholism and there is power and the ability to fight. But, nevertheless, I advise you to read it all, no matter how strong dependence have not been — the conclusions of this paper will be useful to you, anyway.
Even if you think that you do not have a problem with alcohol, it is still advised to refer to the conclusions set out here how to quit drinking. Very often it happens that no problem — an illusion, which appeared due to prevailing social stereotypes: in fact in the Russian realities drink from time to time is normal, and no one thinks as long as this habit will not go into the terminal phase. Although, according to all the evidence, you need to think a lot before.
If you drink «on holidays», «having a reason», «to relax», you still are at risk: almost all alcoholics so began, very few people sharply and suddenly fell to the bottom of the abyss of alcohol.
This is a great article, you may be more comfortable to read it several times. But I assure you, the volume of the text, this is the least of the volume, which needs consideration — how to quit drinking.
Think it cost if
You drink more often than once a month
If you drink, you bring themselves to drunken state (it is not limited to one glass of wine)
Without alcohol, you can not relax, have fun or relax
The presence of at least some of the above factors speaks about the dangers and risks of alcohol (if it has not occurred). The alcoholic is not only a man wallows drunk in the street, who plaintively asking for money for a bottle. Alcoholism occurs much earlier this stage, and the preconditions for it are formed even earlier.
The phenomenon of alcohol enveloped many myths and misconceptions within our culture. I’ll break these myths, so many of my conclusions may seem radical and even, in some way, insulting, because they do not correspond to the usual ideas about alcohol. But if you want to stop drinking, you had better know about it — how to quit drinking.
My personal experience of alcohol is approximately five years. During this period, I drink, almost every day, including the morning. And every time I bring themselves to drunk state. Many people with many years of drinking will say that this is not such a long time. But believe me, that was enough for me to realize on their own experience all the features of alcohol dependence, to understand what is the psychology of the alcoholic. And I was able to get out and learn how to quit drinking.
Over the past year I have been drinking alcohol a few times (but I still think this is not the best result), in the future, I’m sure I will not drink at all. I do not drink at all in the New Year 2013. I consider myself a person who does not drink. Non-drinker, not only because I do not drink, but because they do not feel the urge for alcohol: I feel good without it, no matter where I was, at home or at a noisy party in drinking company. I do not feel some sense of loss, I do not think I’m missing some special fun or relaxation, refusing to drink, because I already feel comfortable and relaxed.
(Anticipating possible questions, I just say that the other drugs I do not use, that is, the absence of alcohol is replaced with nothing.)
In short, «teetotal» — a state of mind, coupled with the fact that a complete renunciation of alcohol. How to achieve this state, and will be discussed in this article. Let’s start with the destruction of the myths that surround the culture of consumption of booze and the perception of this disease and how to quit drinking
Myth — how to quit drinking and alcohol — not a drug
«According to the observations from 1990 to 2001. More than half of Russians male aged 15 to 54 years died from causes directly related to alcohol abuse. »
No, my friends, alcohol — drugs, one of the most dangerous in the world. Based on a survey of leading drug treatment specialists, medical journal, put alcohol in fifth place among other drugs, ranking them according to the degree of harmful effects on the body and on the dangers of addiction. «Leading» in this list heroin, cocaine, methadone (opiate like morphine and heroin) and barbiturates (any type of sedation). After the alcohol in the list you can see ketamine, amphetamines (CNS stimulants) and tobacco.
It does not matter that alcohol is legal, and that drinking beverages from the beautiful glasses are much more aesthetic intravenous injection, you know that, emptying the kitchen fourth bottle of beer, according to the daily rituals, you are not much different from heroin addict, is pumped into a vein yourself another dose solution powder. Yes, addiction to heroin, like, faster (but it is also not immediately, the belief that after the first injection, you will immediately run into a pawn shop to sell their stuff to get a dose — a myth. Also, it takes time to form a physical dependence) and addiction is, in its consequences, more destructive, though not by much.
You’ve seen the finished alcoholics who will stop at nothing to drink, because the desire to become unbearable, it can be stronger than the need for sleep and food! You know about the destruction of families of murder on the basis of alcohol. How to quit drinking, why do you think that this will not affect you because you supposedly know the measure? Do you believe that the young man who buys his first dose of heroin has just dreaming about how he starts to steal and commit all sorts of humiliating actions because of drugs? Of course not! He is convinced that all these horrors, which all say it bypassed, because he is a smart, self-controlled, and will never allow trouble. The funny thing is that people think so almost all novice addicts, and that the majority of this going on, you know …
Of course, alcohol, so fast this will not lead: the one who started drinking a better chance than the one who started using opiates. But, according to statistics, alcoholism in 76% of cases begins at the age of 20! Existing alcoholics is not just some social elements that have always been anti-social and cultural constraints and therefore started to drink. Many of them are also started with a «harmless» beer on weekends and Fridays. Especially alcoholism begins much earlier than the time when you lie drunk in the street. It can not last more «moderate», «civilized» phase when you are not on the social bottom, but still quite often drink.
Alcohol is a legal heroin
Amateur alcohol slightly different from heroin addict. In terms of its relationship to the pleasure, certainly nothing! Both are ready to sacrifice their health, comfort their loved ones, children for the sake of momentary pleasure and a sense of comfort! At the heart of any addiction is an acute self-interest: «I do not care about anything except their own pleasure!»
Between alcohol and heroin, there is much in common. This conclusion I drew from his experience of alcohol and other people’s experience of heroin dependence. One man who used heroin and was dependent on him told me, how is it that decent, intelligent people suddenly slide down to the very bottom of the social and moral, being under the influence of addiction.
The greatest deceit habituation is that it does not come directly, but is formed gradually and smoothly, and therefore — by. After the first drug tests a person usually does not feel the so-called «break-up» and addiction. Everything is much easier than what he had been promised all sorts of fighters with the drug on TV. This gives a false optimism about their drug of the future, and he confidently embarks on a new adventure heroin.
Then, as a result of dependence, gradually begins to fade some awareness, critical understanding of themselves and others things: what once seemed immoral, unacceptable, now seems self-evident. A dependent can not remember a time when he began to constantly ask to borrow money from friends. It passed unconsciously, as if by him, and he did not see how to stop to see something reprehensible to be constantly in debt: need money and all, though earlier of such could not even think. This then is the most dangerous moment!
Dependent thinks everything is fine, although everything is not okay! He feels that he is in control, even though he had used drugs every day! And all this is due to the fact that addiction is transparent to consciousness. It was not accompanied by repentance: «Oh what do I do, it’s time to stop!». Although such repentance would be very helpful.

The same effect I have noticed in myself and other people from the systematic use of alcohol. If before his strong alcoholic hobbies I drank, then did not do it more than once a month. And how to drink every weekend and out of the question! But after a while I began to think, what to drink every Friday and Saturday it’s not something that is not often, it’s just something that God himself ordered! This count, do not drink! (Psychological effects associated with incorrect perception frequency of the use of alcohol etilovgo I still tap.)
I did not notice, I stopped to see something very bad that I drink every day. I did not notice how much I stouter beer, my face swollen. It seemed normal. It seemed normal that I do every night, and even in the morning, drunk, I’m his indecent behavior straining their friends and people close to me. I just do not even thought about what is normal or not. All my physical, mental, moral metamorphosis, walking along the path of degradation eluded my mind! The process of self-development proceeds consciously, in contrast to the degradation of man notices how to get better. But when you get worse, do not notice!
What is the pleasure of alcohol and how to quit drinking?
There is another similarity between heroin and alcohol addiction. The fact is that, contrary to popular belief, the effects of heroin brings a sense of unearthly pleasure, unrestrained buzz, which was being chased by drug addicts, wanting every day to get a new dose. Judging by the reviews of former associates, the whole effect is reduced to some mind-numbing sense of animal comfort, which many even no pleasure, when the first experiments use. What is the secret, you ask. Why do people continue to eat and die from it?
The secret lies in the strong dependence and its attendant brittle. Man gets a thrill not from the heroin, and the satisfaction of intense desire and instant withdrawal symptoms dramatic physical and psychological discomfort (breaking). Imagine that you have a bad headache, straight intolerant. Suddenly you introduce some harmless painkiller intravenously, the effect of which is in itself no pleasure. But you instantly goes head! What do you feel? Pleasure!
Only from heroin addict hurts not only the head and the body, and the desire to get a dose of intense thirst and hunger! In short, the «high» of heroin comes only when people have it «podsyadut» and they will remove the pain caused by brittle and satisfy your strongest desire.
So it is with alcohol. Think about your first experiences of drinking. Lots of fun you get? Perhaps you managed to call for the first time unusual sensations of altered consciousness, you probably pulled on adventures that you then had a long discussion with friends, so that this experience you will surely remember. But I’m not talking about that, but about the effect of the narcotic substance called ethyl alcohol. So whether you are enjoying much effect? As for the physical symptoms you experience dizziness, loss of coordination, heaviness in the head, and the psychological effect was limited to the appearance of familiarity in communication, confusion, blunting some senses, improve mood …

Tell me, is it a lot of buzz about this? I do not think, especially when compared with the effects of pleasure. The pleasure of alcohol people get when satisfy the already developed dependency or other desires (for example, to remove nervousness, emotional pain, etc.). The effect of alcohol is actually mind-numbing and uninteresting, but when you want to drink, as you are used to drinking, you’re on edge, nervous, then emptying a few bottles of beer brings a real treat. Or maybe you are experiencing alcohol breaking (hangover) and feel relieved when shooting his glass.
In the alcohol is no big buzz. To get this buzz, it is necessary to alcohol «hooked».
Unfortunately, many drinkers miss this moment and so they can be difficult to stop drinking. They think just alcohol brings a sense of pleasure and relief, how am I going to live without these feelings?
Many people can not stop drinking, not because they lack the willpower to stop and take it, but because they fear is when they try to imagine a future without alcohol. But these feelings are caused by only the most dependent, both psychological and physical. It is necessary to get rid of dependence, alcohol is no longer fun, on the contrary, its use will be accompanied by a sense of discomfort and wasted time, health and strength. It is necessary to keep in mind is mandatory if you want to stop drinking.
Alcohol and heroin — one of the most dangerous drugs that known to mankind! They are highly addictive and brittle and lead to severe personal degradation!
A strong desire to make of a man obedient animal who meekly obey their instincts, without the right choice. Information about the features of heroin addiction firsthand affected me much stronger than any anti-drug propaganda, in terms of the formation of disgust to heroin and understanding that people drinking is not much different from addiction to opiates.
So I think that people want the truth about drugs, but not exaggerated the truth. The real truth is always more frightening because it is more logical, more corresponds to the realities of life. And it is true not only in the fact that heroin addiction is formed immediately, but even that did not last much more dangerous than alcohol, which, in turn, is extremely dangerous and is also a drug! This fact, our brave media, for some reason, do not touch. Maybe it comes from the fact that with the sale of heroin do not pay taxes, while a value of sales of alcoholic beverages huge rents paid by the state.