Harmful alcoholic drinks


Harmful alcoholic drinks

Doctors (USA) named five alcoholic beverages, which cause the most harm to health. According to doctors, the greatest cause injury not spirits, and the weak, because the person does not control the amount of alcohol consumed. But any alcohol destroys brain.

Top – 5 harmful alcoholic drinks.

Beer — harmful alcoholic drinks, due to the contained dopamine — the hormone that causes pleasure. The hormone is produced in the human body and is a powerful factor in stimulating and «encouraging» to any action. Receiving the «pleasure» from the outside, people quickly get used to the frequent reception of beer in the body, meanwhile, a hormone produced in smaller quantities. Beer is the only stimulator of fun.

Low-alcohol wines — harmful alcoholic drinks, because of difficulties in controlling drinking these drinks are more harmful than the 40-degree vodka.

Cocktails — harmful alcoholic drinks, often sold with a drink to quench your thirst, because of the small percentage of alcohol in the beverage alcohol is not there, people drink much more «friendly» dose. But alcohol has its effect, control actions blunted. Unlike beer, cocktails, sweet, similar to the usual soda. Very popular among young people and women. As a rule, used in cocktails sweeteners that cause diabetes and other health problems. Over time dependence is formed (within 5-6 years). Result: a metabolic disorder, perhaps obesity, kidney disease and heart.

Champagne — harmful alcoholic drinks, insidiousness of this beloved Christmas drink has long been known, drink very little, and already drunk. This occurs because carbon dioxide contained in the sparkling beverages, under the action of carbon dioxide will alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream. And also because of the carbon dioxide in the gut starts rotting badly digested food, contributing to the poisoning of the body. It is noticed a negative effect on vision of champagne.

Liquor — harmful alcoholic drinks, the danger of its use in a lot of sugar. The liver has to process ethanol and at the same time to deal with an excessive amount of glucose. If you still consume liquor, then take care of the cleansing of the liver. Harmful such a combination and to the pancreas.