Grog drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

Grog drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

Many grog associated with pirates and stormy sea, a because he was once a drink sailors. Today enjoy this warming cocktail, you cannot just port the old taverns, but in many modern restaurants, cafes and even at home

Description Grog drinks

Grog is a hot alcoholic cocktail consisting of rum, tea or boiled water, sugar and some spices. The name of this drink is associated with vice-admiral of the British Royal Navy Sir Edward Vernon, but rather with his nickname — Old Grog. In the XVIII century the daily diet of the Royal Navy officials did not do without the portions of 80% of Roma (approximate dose of 250 g each). But regular consumption of hard liquor gradually entailed drinking sailors and a number of disciplinary problems, which deal with each time it, were harder. In 1740 Admiral Vernon ordered the sailors to submit only rum diluted with hot or cold water, which was added to improve the taste a slice of lemon (or juice from it) and a pinch of brown sugar. Naturally, such an innovation sailors did not like because the proposed cocktail contained 2 times less than Roma, but eventually got used to it and began to call him «rum in three waters «or » grog .» The latter name comes from the nickname of Vice Admiral ‘ Old Grog «, which he received for his habit of walking on the deck during the rainy weather, thrown over the shoulders of an old waterproof cape, which was called grogram cloak. By the way, before 1970 rum is present in the diet of sailors serving on the Royal Navy, as a kind of prophylactic against scurvy and other diseases.

From England this Grog drink quickly spread to other countries and even continents. Since then, the drink has undergone numerous modifications and has acquired dozens of different recipes. Modern variants of grog prepared, usually on the basis of hot tea (black, green, rooibos and mate) or water. Usually four parts of this fluid take one part rum. The latter can be of any strength and variety, and along with him very often drink added brandy, vodka or different liqueurs. This mixture was heated in a water bath, at least — is boiled.

For fragrant drink in Grog add slices of lemon, lime or orange , and a number of spices — cinnamon, nutmeg , ginger, star anise , cloves and other spices Since it is important not to overdo it , they should emphasize not interrupt fragrant notes of alcohol and tea — so in their grog added a pinch . In some recipes, this cocktail is not without fruit juices, dairy products (cream, milk or butter), coffee, eggs and dried fruit. Particular care is necessary to add eggs to a hot drink they do not become scrambled — it should drink a little cool.

To the table Grog drink served, warmed to 70-80 C, otherwise it defeats the purpose of use. Better to pour it into porcelain clay cups or whether high cocktail glasses with thick glass — in a pot warming drink will cool more slowly. By Grog great choice candies, chocolates, sweet pastries, dried fruits, pancakes and fritters.

Composition and useful properties Grog drink

Grog attached warming effect: a cup of this fragrant cocktail would not be out in the cold or rain evening, especially when cold, frostbite, loss of strength or fatigue banal. This drink has a tonic and antiseptic effect: with the help of sailors maintained their immunity to bad weather and prevents the development of certain infectious diseases. Furthermore, grog excellent uplifting and its use in the company of trusted friends will help dispel negative thoughts or starting spleen.

Grog drink

Generally from time immemorial has two glory : on the one hand, and their avid fans do not know the steps he was driving into the grave, the other — if properly applied helped get rid of various diseases. Rum cured not only colds and inflammation, but also all kinds of wounds and even some of the pathologies of the nervous and circulatory systems. The healing properties of this alcoholic beverage shows a curious fact : once in the Swiss Alps in search of lost in snowstorms people sent St. Bernard , which was attached to the neck with a keg of rum — it was thought that a few sips of the drink can give strength to victims of avalanches or just the frozen people .

Contraindications Grog drinks

Need to use this cocktail only if necessary and to the extent, in fact drink alcohol, and about the dangers of «green dragon » has already written volumes. For once do not recommend drinking more than 200 ml of grog, but people with liver or kidney patient and prone to alcoholism better and completely abandon this cocktail.

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