El drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

El drink. Description, composition, useful properties and contraindications

El — drink beer with a contrasting sweet- bitter taste and fruity aroma produced rapid top fermentation at high temperatures

Description El drinks

El was known in England in the XV century, when this dark drink prepared by fermentation like a beer, but without the use of hops. Instead of hops added gryuyt craftsmen — a mixture of spices and herbs, which gave special ale unique taste and great energy value? The name of this drink, according to some, is derived from the Old English ealu; however, some historians argue that it is based on Indo-European root alut, which means «magic» or «witchcraft.» Perhaps some truth in this, as in the ale includes a variety of herbs and spices, has a tonic, and Afro diziakalnymi psychotropic properties. By the end of the XV century the country was imported hops from Holland and this event provided an opportunity to begin to brew light beers, which soon spun off into a separate group drinks. A British ale and continued to prepare on the basis gryuyt — a mixture of myrrh, sage , heather , rosemary , ginger, cumin , anise, nutmeg , cinnamon and other ingredients. Currently el produced in England, Ireland, the United States and Belgium, and in the formulation of the drink is often used hops and gryuyt continue to use only in Ireland and a few old British breweries. Therefore, the terms «beer» and » ale» modern society often associated as one and the same product, although this is not entirely true.

El drink, like other beers, is prepared primarily from barley malt, but the fermentation process proceeds differently: in the production of ale yeast used horse that during fermentation rise with carbon dioxide bubbles to the surface of the wort. The temperature of fermentation is close to 15-24 ° C, and in such circumstances yeast secretes plurality esters and aromatic products that give the drink fruit flavor (of apple, Grushovaya, banana, prune, etc.). After fermentation el sent to ripen in cool cellars, where the temperature is in the range 11-14 ° C. Most beer varieties ride able prepared using sugar, rice, wheat or other grain.

El presents a huge variety of grades with a very broad spectrum of flavors. The most well-known British, Scottish and Belgian drinks. Classic British ale prepared from the XVII century from barley malt and flavored with hops, water, riding yeast, sugar and starch. It never filtered and not pasteurized, so it is stored for a few days and was named «real ale», i.e. «Real, live el.» The most popular in Britain are bitter dark ales, containing a small amount of alcohol (2-3 % by volume). There ales soft on the palate, such as «mild ale», vaguely reminiscent of the Russian kvass, or «new castle brown ale», having bright nutty flavor. Bright and golden varieties of British ales stronger, and have fruit or nut flavors. Scottish ales are darker malt flavor with a rich, smoky flavor sometimes have, and as British varieties differ in strength. In Belgium, the most popular variety for many centuries remains Trappistky el having oily- fruity taste. This drink is, in fact, is the hallmark of Belgium beer. Trappistky ale brewed only brewers have a special license, while using the original monastic recipes have survived from time immemorial. The drink is prepared in six Trappistky monasteries preserved, five of which are located in Belgium and one — in the Netherlands.

El drink. Composition and useful properties of El drink

Useful properties of ale due to its constituent components — barley malt and brewer’s yeast. And as the real ale is not filtered and not pasteurized, then it retains many valuable substances. Malt extract rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, calcium, selenium, B vitamins and vitamin E. Vitamins contained in the «live» element, improve metabolism and beneficial to the skin and hair. A large number of amino acids in our body stimulate protein metabolism, i.e. contribute to the development and growth of muscle mass. Proved that the mount is the only drink beer, bitter hop additives which have a calming effect on the body and helps to improve digestion and the development of gastric juice. This drink, drinks in small quantities, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, helps the vessels in the fight against atherosclerosis. The main thing — to know the limits and do not abuse the amount of alcohol consumed beverage.

Contra El drinks

Excessive drinking ale, especially his strong grades may lead to the development of alcohol dependence. From the use of upland beer in any quantity, as well as other alcoholic beverages should be avoided in pregnant and lactating women, adolescents, and persons with diseases of the central nervous system and kidney diseases.