Drink whiskey. Description, composition, useful properties harm.

Drink whiskey. Description, composition, useful properties harm.

Whisky — a noble drink with a long history has a unique flavor and taste multifaceted

Description Whiskey drinks

Drink of whiskey (English whisky, whiskey) — is a strong alcoholic drink with a unique flavor, made from different types of grain and long- aged in oak barrels. This drink is considered the birthplace of Scotland and Ireland — historians still debate as to which of these countries really was the ancestor of whiskey. It is believed that the distillation process became known Scots from the Crusaders, who arrived from the Middle East. Scots slightly changed the distillation process: grapes replaced barley, and thus obtained a drink called the «water of life.» However, the Irish claim that whiskey is an invention of St. Patrick — the patron saint of Ireland. Be that as it may, the first to produce the drink became Scottish monasteries where monks used their whiskey produced exclusively for medicinal purposes. By the XVII century whiskey already started making throughout Scotland. Today, all traditionally divided into Scotch whiskey, Irish and all the «rest» (American, Canadian, and Japanese). This drink tops the list of the forty best-selling spirits in the world market today.

For the manufacture of whiskey drink use different crops: barley, rye, wheat and corn. The raw material for the classic Scotch whiskey is barley malt and barley and barley malt to Ireland still adding rye. Canadian and American manufacturers of beverage used as components of corn, rye and wheat. Japanese in his whiskey even add rice. American corn whiskey, made by a special technology called bourbon. The alcohol content of the beverage is typically about 40-50 %. But there are also stronger whiskeys — 60 % vol. The sugar content is extremely low or even zero, and the color of the drink varies from light yellow to brown. Flavor characteristics are varied and depend on many factors: the quality of grain and water, malting method, filtering features drums, duration of exposure, air temperature at bottling, etc. Sometimes distillery used for aging wine casks — Madeira, port or sherry. This gives the whiskey distinctive flavor and aromatic imprint. Scotch whiskeys are specific smoky flavor due to the fact that when dried malt is used as fuel peat. Irish whiskey is famous for «bestorfnoy» drying kilns and triple distillation — it gives the drink softness. According to the legislation Scotch whiskey should be delayed for at least 3 years. Often there are whiskey aged for 10-12 years (original grade) and 21 (collectible varieties or exclusive). On average, Irish whiskey is aged 5 years, Canadian — 6 years.

Whiskey used undiluted or with a few drops of water or soda, or ice. As a rule, do not drink it from a massive low cup of glass with a thick bottom. The capacity of such glasses up to 400 ml and made them drink to fill a maximum of a quarter. For maximum pleasure, you can use special glasses form «tulip» as a form of cookware can more fully feel the flavor of the drink.

Drink whiskey

The composition and use of drink Whisky

Reasonable treatment of such a noble drink like whiskey can be not only enjoyable, but also very useful. It is well known that a small amount of alcohol helps to relieve stress and relax. Malt whiskey rich pelagic acid, which is called «free radicals as a janitor». Of this title it is clear that ellagic acid in our body destroys potential cancer cells trapped under the devastating impact of free radicals. Ellagic acid has antioxidant properties, that is, protects the health of the heart and blood vessels, as well as preserves youthfulness of skin.

In whiskey contains large amounts of iodine, beneficial effects on the thyroid gland. It is known that the ancient Scots drank whiskey for colds, bruises and rubbed drink made hot compress.

Harm and contraindications Whiskey drink

Drinking whiskey in large quantities can harm our health. Alcohol has a toxic effect on the cells of the whole body, and especially detrimental effect on brain cells. As a result of deteriorating speech, vision and impaired motor coordination. The human body is like from any alcohol dependent — from simple vodka or whiskey elite. So do not be keen on drinking whiskey — this will protect them from alcohol dependence. Also, when buying whiskey should pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and the seller to not buy poor quality fake. Drink whiskey