Daiquiri recipe

Daiquiri recipeThere is not much of a cocktail which to catch up with the recognition daiquiri recipe. With simple structure and original taste he has a lot of fans around the world, among them even famous people. I’ll tell you how to cook daiquiri recipe at home, alone, we look at the most popular variations.

Daiquiri recipe (rightly emphasizes the last vowel, the English version of the name «Daiquiri») — is a Cuban alcoholic cocktail consisting of rum, sugar and lime. In some recipes in addition to traditional ingredients also add fruit juices, such as orange or strawberry. Make a Daiquiri is no more difficult than to mix gin and vodka.

Classic cocktail recipe daiquiri recipe

The composition and proportion daiquiri recipe:

white rum — 9 parts (45 ml);

lime juice (lemon) — 4 parts (20 ml);

sugar — 1 part (5 grams);

ice — 100 grams.

Preparation daiquiri recipe:

1. Fill a shaker with crushed ice, add the remaining ingredients, mix well.

2. Chill a martini glass.

3. Pour through a strainer cocktail from the shaker into the glass.

If the house you do not have a shaker, it is possible to replace a conventional blender, the end result will be no different. The whole process of cooking is well illustrated by the following video.

The advantage cocktail daiquiri recipe that anyone can experiment with his staff, adding fruit juices. For example, will show you how to make a strawberry daiquiri recipe.

Preparation daiquiri recipe: Mix 40 grams of rum, a tablespoon of lemon juice, 100 grams of frozen strawberries and add sugar to taste. Beat the blender. In this recipe, performs the role of ice frozen strawberries, so the ice itself is not needed.

daiquiri recipev home

Strawberry daiquiri recipe

Prepare orange daiquiri recipe even easier — to the standard ingredients simply add the juice of half an orange middle.

Not necessarily follow exactly recipes. On the basis of the basic components (rum, sugar and lemon juice), you can create your own cocktail with a unique taste. The main thing is not afraid to experiment.

History daiquiri recipe

Cocktail daiquiri recipe invented British sailors in the middle of the XVIII century. In those days it was called «grog». In the harsh marine environment is of grog the survival of the whole team. The fact that the alcohol contained in rum, and vitamin C in Lima were the best prevention of scurvy — a terrible disease that time.

In tropical conditions, drinking water quickly deteriorates, so in order not to die of thirst before going on long sea voyages the crew always stocking up on rum. Over time it has become irrelevant, and cocktail forgotten.

Second birth daiquiri recipe happened in 1909, when the recipe Daiquiri interested in American physician Lucius Johnson. He learned about the drink, studying maritime history. In one of the treatises was a detailed description of forgotten recipes. After several experiments, Johnson picked the ideal proportions of ingredients.

Lucius offered to try a cocktail Member Club of the Army and the US Navy. Sailors daiquiri recipe very much, they distributed it among his acquaintances recipe. After a few years of Daiquiri already knew, not only in America but also in Europe.

The best-known admirers of this cocktail was US President John F. Kennedy and writer Ernest Hemingway. The latter even mentioned daiquiri recipe in several of his works. In the US, July 19 is celebrated the National Day «Daiquiri».