Corona beer drink. Corona Extra.


Corona beer drink. Corona Extra.

Corona beer. Legend has it that the king of beasts — the lion, the first time tasted the beer Corona Extra, was so impressed by them that he had grown wings. His delight knew no bounds, and without hesitation he changed his crown the king of beasts on a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this wonderful drink. Then the lion turned into a griffin, and beer, which he drank called Corona. View the image of the lion can now each bottle of the famous beer.

Mexican beer «Corona Extra»

The first Mexican brewery founded by Swiss émigré Berngrand Bolgardom in 1845 in Mexico City. However, even in 1544 the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Herera presented his innovative method of making beer from barley sun burnt. Subsequently, the Mexican brewers had created his own style and taste.

Who is the most famous Mexican beer «Corona Extra» produced by «model group» founded in 1925. The company annually sells more than 2 billion liters of their products in more than 150 countries worldwide. The crown is made only in Mexico, and the cultivation of barley and processing involved in the company itself, which allows it to maintain its reputation as a very high level. In addition, glass bottles and cartons, also produced by «groups of models.» Thus, the company manufactures its products control at all stages.

Beer «Corona Extra» — light lager beer with an alcohol content not exceeding 4.6% and the extractive Wort density of 11.2%, the shelf life of the drink is 12 months. Drink Crown solely from the bottle to the table it is served cool with a slice of lemon or lime. Today, this beer is among the five best and best-selling brands in the world. In addition, it is the most famous product produced by Mexico. In Mexico, Corona Extra occupies 30% of the beer market, with each individual State has only one exclusive distributor.

The Ukrainian and Russian beer Corona Extra began to sell back in the 90s of the last century. We have it sold in clear glass bottles of 0.33 liters. and the price of 1$. Label the bottle is not paper and ink is applied directly to the glass, allowing the drink always maintain marketability.

Corona beer. Corona Extra.