Calvados drink. Description, composition, useful properties and harm

Calvados drink. Description, composition, useful properties and harm

Heroes of the «Arc de Triomphe» Remarque, among whom were broken life, but not devoid of romanticism participants in the First World War, Calvados called «drink dreams» . They drank it on almost every page, on any occasion, and almost every scene

Description Calvados drinks

Calvados is a French apple brandy, which is obtained by the distillation of cider. If not for free «advertising» this drink every second line known Remarque’s novel, hardly calvados healed world popularity. Because different types of apple brandy produced in many countries, such as Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and the United States, but an alcoholic beverage manufacturer apple, recognized worldwide, it became France.

Calvados drink as his «colleagues grape «Armagnac and Cognac, named for the title area. Basically it makes the department of Calvados in Normandy, as well as in the Ile-de -France and Brittany. But the origin of this name is more complicated: the name «El Calvador» wore ship «Armada «King of Spain, Philip II, and Grounded in Normandy shores.

Until 1914, knew of the existence of calvados exclusively on his home turf, but the brave French soldiers were not just «hyped» is an alcoholic product, but also secured him glory «drink for the brave guys». For a long time remained in the shadows calvados «grape relatives», although in France began to produce it in the XVI century. Climatic conditions of the northern regions of the country are quite severe, so vineyards here could not be found, but feel good apple orchards. The abundance of these fruits has allowed the Normans to produce cider, which they eventually learned to distill and get an apple brandy. Long time calvados contented title ‘lower’ liquor, and only in 1942, the French government issued a series of decrees protecting and regulating the order of production of apple brandy. He was given the category of the CCA, according to which established geographical areas, apple varieties, processing methods and timing of exposure drink.

Norman orchards diversity of apple varieties is unique: grow here specially bred species, which differ from conventional table apples. «The law» was 48 varieties of apples, from which you can make cider for further production 40 calvados. Distillation of this drink may be a single (continuous) or double. Young calvados aged in oak barrels in which it slowly reaches maturity. It is interesting that the wood also puts forward a number of conditions; in particular oaks for boards can only be French. Calvados is kept to an average of 10 years, although sometimes the process of «aging» and can last much longer — the result is a drink with amber luster, both powerful and delicate bouquet that at home also called «sun Normandy. »

Now in France, there are about 10,000 brands of alcoholic products. Companies producing calvados as cognac houses are a family business and are passed from father to son. Calvados drink recipe

In regard to the use of strong drink there are no strict rules. Experts recommend one glass of calvados stretch on 40 minutes — drink slowly, very small sips to feel how slowly in various parts of the body receives warm , soothing and relaxing . In the «blow «with a cigar such kalvadosnaya «ceremony» — a true delight.

Generally young calvados good as an aperitif, a drink and seasoned approach for the final part of the meal. Drink flavored Calvados and between the uses of different dishes — such tradition was even named «Norman hole». It is believed , that in one sitting absorb abundant Norman lunch consisting of 2 appetizers , 2 main courses and dessert , you need using calvados when changing foods «stomach» Norman «hole» .

Calvados drink. Composition and beneficial properties Calvados drink

Drunk before meals cup apple brandy causes hunger, improves appetite and good digestion. This quality calvados gives its constituent malic acid. Unfortunately, these useful characteristics of this beverage are exhausted.

Harm drink Calvados

No news that all of the alcohol , especially spirits , is harmful to the human body in any form and at any dose , because it affects how the drug — i.e. creates the illusion of happiness and goodness, and in fact is a time bomb , as surreptitiously causing irreparable harm . Often drink, including and calvados dramatically destroys organs, tissues and systems of the body (especially the cortex), it «mutes» the personality and mind of man, provokes an early death. Drinking people live on average 10-15 years less than those who are not looking in the direction of alcohol. They suffer from a whole bunch of diseases that gradually develop due to uncontrolled consumption of spirits — is cirrhosis and alcoholic fatty degeneration , gastritis and pancreatitis, anemia and ulcers, various heart problems, amnestic syndrome , etc.