Bourbon. Description composition useful properties

Bourbon, being a kind of American whiskey, is probably the most regulated drink. After all, this word can only be called an alcoholic product made in the United States without any additives and dyes and aged in white oak barrels for at least 24 months.

Of course, these strict and binding rules for the production of traditional bourbon not end there. The Americans did not even trouble to paint the state standards for the production of «real bourbon.» Thus, by law, this drink is on cereal -based, the lion’s share of which must be corn, and mash should contain 51-80 % alcohol is strictly corn (not more and not less). Next -led manufacturer of personal taste can create its own independent blend. Usually a mixture of barley and rye.

Another difference between the present American bourbon whiskeys from the usual European is that the drink is aged exclusively in new and baked on the inside of the barrels of American white oak, which can never be re. Also, after distilling the product castle may not be less than 80 ° C, and for bottling — of at least 40 ° C.

Bourbon on American soil appeared at the end of the XVIII century with a light hand and hardworking Scottish pastor Eli Craig, who settled in the town of Bourbon County (KY). In the wrong side of a Baptist minister so bored in native whiskey that in between religious sermons began to be grown in the vicinity of the barley and cook him alcoholic drink similar to Scotch whiskey . However righteous work pastor constantly found himself headlong yields were scarce, and the beverage is very far from proud of his Scottish counterpart. Turning point in the case came when Craig accidentally stumbled in Kentucky on a field with abundant growing corn under the hot sun. This endless panorama inspired restless priest for the construction of a simple distillation of the cube, in which he was to drive from corn mash. For exposure resulting brew he was making his own barrels of white oak.

According to legend, once the rebels set fire to the house of the village religious minister. Together with other property in the flames were and barrels of whiskey. Craig did not construct new barrels, and just filled in the scorched remains of moonshine capacity and forgot about them for a good few years. But once uncorked barrel matured drink and tasted a sip of «corn whiskey», the pastor was delighted with the amazing taste of dark drink donating gently charcoal. The pastor wanted to share his «invention» with friends and sent to New Orleans barrel with a drink, which was glued inscription «Bourbon, Kentucky.» Thus was born the glorious now all over America bourbon that in 1964 the Johnson administration recognized national alcoholic beverage of their country.

American whiskey has long gone beyond the state of the parent of Kentucky. Today, this golden amber drink produced in Montana, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. However, the leading manufacturer of the city still remains in Kentucky. The secret is in the state was discovered limestone water that does not contain iron, and therefore does not stain bourbon in black shade.

The most popular brand of bourbon considered «Jim Beam». This drink is made in Claremont, aged 8 years and has a delicate taste of the original. Worldwide also known drinks «Blanton’s» (created without the use of technology blending has increased grade fortress) and «Johnny Drum» (prized for their special flavor, especially articles 15 — and 12-year- old).


Composition and useful properties of bourbon

Small doses (20-25 g) of this drink pure reduced pressure dilate blood vessels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular attacks. American Whiskey and dilution bile and reduces its viscosity.

Bourbon useful in the composition of certain medical tinctures. In particular, tachycardia, arrhythmias, hypertension, insomnia and effective blood-red tincture of hawthorn on bourbon. One tablespoon of pounded fruits and flowers of the plant pour a glass of whiskey and American infused for 7 days. The resulting tincture takes 30 drops before meals 2-4 times a day depending on the state of health.

If you have problems with his throat helps a mixture of 1 tbsp. tablespoons bourbon and a glass of warm water. Such a solution is necessary to gargle every third hour during the day. This procedure has an antiseptic effect and helps to overcome the pain.

Bourbon walnut tincture is recommended for bronchitis and pneumonia. To prepare glass milled walnuts pour 100 ml of alcohol and insist 2 days. Then added to the mixture of crushed lemon 3, of which pre- select the bone, 100 grams of butter, and 300 g of crushed aloe and 200 g of honey. All the ingredients you need to mix well. Healing mixture take 1 tbsp. spoon for 30 minutes before a meal, first lump mixture need a minute or two to take in the mouth, as if it distributed into, then slowly swallow it, allowing the drug to flow slowly across his throat.


American whiskey in its composition contains an impressive number of complex compounds: it acetaldehyde and fuel oils and tannins, and furfural. For comparison, the content of these hazardous components bourbon about 35 times higher than in the vodka. Therefore, the use of liquor in exorbitant amounts easily entails severe alcohol poisoning complicated with all its complications and dangers.

Even in minimal doses «corn whiskey » is contraindicated during exacerbation of various diseases, as well as expectant and nursing mothers.