Beer drink. Description composition useful properties

Beer drink. Description composition useful properties

After water and tea third most popular drink on the planet is a beer drink. In honor of amber foam drinking arrange loud festivals and competitions, even founded — Party of Beer Lovers

Description Beer drinks

Called low alcohol beer drink that is produced by fermenting a malt wort (often barley) using brewer’s yeast, typically with the addition of hops. The amber drink, which has about a thousand different varieties, enjoys immense popularity in many countries, especially in the Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Japan and Finland.

Amazingly, the history of beer goes back even in the early Neolithic. Some archaeologists even believe that the crops were grown not for bread, but for the sake of this frothy drink. Chemical residues of beer were found in Iran as early as 3500 BC, it is also mentioned in the Mesopotamian and Egyptian sources.

In ancient times, the Chinese beer brewed drink made from sprouted rice, and Europeans — from wheat, rye, barley, millet and spelled. In the Middle Ages the main brewers were monks: they started using hops as a preservative, thereby improve production techniques popularly drink. During this period, the beer was the lot of the poor, and brewed it more in the northern regions, where the climate is not allowed to grow grapes for wine production.

Today ethanol content in the low alcoholic drink is 3-6 %, in hard grade — 14 %. However, one American company produces beer and more intoxicating — with an alcohol content of 27%.

This intoxicating drink has several classifications. Distinguished by the color of light, dark, white and red beer. His hue caused by the degree of roasting malt and amount used in cooking dark malt. There is also a classification method of fermentation, according to which most of the varieties of this can be attributed to drink ale or lager. First fermented at a temperature of 15-25 ° C using top-fermenting yeast, and for the production of lager, the most common varieties of beer in the world, using bottom-fermenting yeast. Its fermented at a temperature of 5-15 ° C, then maintained for a long time under a temperature condition of about 0 ° C. Apart from these two varieties, there are wheat beer, Lambic, various hybrid and special varieties. The latter include beer unusual composition with various additives and various related beer drinks, for example, root beer.

By amber drink excellent smoked or dried fish, nuts, chips, crackers, etc. Beer drink

Composition and useful properties of beer drink

Surprisingly, the content of magnesium, copper, lead, zinc, iron and calcium beer is not inferior to many fruit juices, and even milk. All valuable items coming from the beverage in the malt, which is a storehouse of nutrients, including vitamins, PP and S. Beer contains also hop bitterness, which promotes the secretion of gastric juice and inhibition of undesired effects of alcohol. His extractives have a calming, soothing and even disinfecting. However, the benefits of beer can be observed only in the case of moderate use — no more than one cup a day.

People’s love to the amber drink has prompted many European scientists on a number of studies. Thus, German and Czech doctors determined that moderate consumption of beer decreases the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, has beneficial effects on recovery of gastric mucosa and prevents the formation of kidney stones. Beer also has diuretic properties. But scientists from Austria found that Chmielno — malt drink stimulates the appetite and improves the condition of hair and skin.

Drink beer

Beer — relatively high-calorie drink : it contains fewer calories than Coke, apple juice and other fruit drinks , in which sugar is added , but given the typical «normal» consumption of the drink and its glycemic index is not surprising emergence of many » beer » tummy . There is also speculation that a reasonable consumption of beer eliminates the toxic effects of aluminum, which is one of the possible factors for Alzheimer’s disease.

Contraindications drink Beer

Beer cannot drink for children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating mothers. It is contraindicated in chronic gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems. Not worth it and drink along with any medicines, especially antibiotics and sedatives.

In this frothy beverage found biogenic amines, which in the case of excessive drinking beer cause headaches and increased blood pressure. This intoxicating drink can also trigger the so-called beer drinking. However, for this a long time you need to drink more than 5 liters. Beverage a day. Also noted that an innocent love of beer has the potential to develop into uncontrollable passion for a strong alcohol.