Bacardi drinks. Alcohol. Price.


Bacardi drinks. Alcohol. Bacardi Price.

Bacardi Products is one of the most recognizable in the world, the brand is so wide assortment of alcohol (rum and cocktails in bottles) that during in-store consumer choice is easy to get confused. Then I will talk about the different kinds of Bacardi rums and the nuances of their use. In each case, a separate drink.

Superior (Superior) — a brand of white rum (White Bacardi), has a subtle fruit aroma and mild flavor. With Bacardi Superior prepare cocktails, such as Mojito, and it was diluted juices (lemon, orange, pineapple, etc.). Pure white rum Bacardi served rare, as he had the minimum shutter speed and poorly pronounced taste.

Reserva (reserve) — amber rum strength of 40% and a five-year delay, full-bodied taste is different. It is drunk neat with ice. It is also used in some cocktails with rum.

Black — Black Bacardi rum premium, has a mild delicate flavor. Connoisseurs prefer to drink black rum without snacks (like cognac), mix it with cola or fruit juice. It is believed that Bacardi Black is perfect for youth parties. Yet it is served for dinner as a digestif (alcohol after the main meal).

Gold — golden rum delayed at least 2 years, is used as an appetizer (served before a meal). Bacardi Gold Rum can be drunk neat, eating tropical fruits, or mixed with cola and juices.

Bacardi 151 — 75.5% of the beverage strength for strong self-confident men. In its pure form it is rarely served. Basically this type of rum diluted juice or cola.

Bacardi Oakheart (Bacardi Oakhart) — characterized by a velvety taste and a delicate aroma of spices, aged in barrels for a year of white American oak. Fortress — 35%. Drunk in its pure form.

Mojito (Mojito) — is a ready home Mojito cocktail, which was previously prepared on the basis of Bacardi Superior, extracts of mint and lime. Now all the ingredients in advance will mix in the right proportions. It is necessary to open the bottle and pour into cocktail glasses.

Pina Colada (Pina Colada) and Daiquiri (Daiquiri) — two representative of the family Bacardi cocktail. As in the previous case, do not require the preparation, it is only necessary to open the bottle. It is better to drink these cocktails through straws, their stronghold 15 degrees.

1873 Solera (1873 Colera) — Light golden rum delayed for at least 3 years, it belongs to the noble classes. It is usually consumed in its pure form. On the palate, notes of fruits Solera stand, spice and caramel.

Anejo (Anejo) — bright golden rum Bacardi premium with a long finish. Aged at least 6 years in barrels made of white American oak. The fortress standard — 40%. The Añejo add ice and drink small sips.

Bacardi price: 12$ — 100$