Armagnac drink. Description, composition, useful properties and harm

Armagnac drink. Description, composition, useful properties and harm

Aristocratic Armagnac is the oldest French alcoholic drink: The first mention of this amazing alcoholic product dating back to 1411. Since then, he has gained international fame and began to be exported in about 150 countries

Description Armagnac drinks

Armagnac is drink alcoholic beverages on the basis of grape spirit, which is produced in the French province of Gascony. Residents Cézanne and parmesan sure to catch all the notes of this incredible drink enough to bear the proud title of «gourmet», you should still be kind sophisticated and prepared to perceive this kind of drinks. The explanation for this is probably that Armagnac is countryman D’Artagnan and the «native» Gascon land whose people have always had an extraordinary disposition.

First this alcoholic product was mentioned as early as 1411, when a certain Antoine managed to get out of the wine distillate. And in the beginning of the next century, the first barrels filled with Armagnac, were exported to Holland. In 1909 in France, a decree appeared that regulated production area of the drink, and after 25 years the region was given the name of Armagnac. Funny, that this territory in its form resembles grape leaf. It consists of three parts: Upper Armagnac, Bas Armagnac and Tenerez. Drink from the last region is considered the most elegant and prestigious as the grapes grow here in ideal conditions — on clay and sandy soils.

Today Armagnac drink aristocrats considered a symbol of fun and romanticism. Its production consists of three stages: vinification, distillation and aging. Time Armagnac grape harvest begins in October. The resulting wine is distilled in special stills «alambik Armagnac » or » alambik Charentes » and used exclusively for heating firewood from oak. The result is aromatic beverage strength of 55-65 %. His stand consistently in different oak barrels: new first, then — old. Interestingly, the boards of which made these barrels, dried in the open air for about 5 years. Further distillate was poured into large vats, where the drink slowly «aging»: they kept it for about 40 years. And only then it is poured into vitrified tanks.

In the production of Armagnac attended about 10 varieties of grapes, the main ones being the Bake, Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Saint- Emilion and Pikpul, and the rest are used by manufacturer. Each of these varieties is original and not similar to the other, and mingling, they create a multifaceted aristocratic bouquet. Interestingly, the original taste of the drink defines additional grape varieties and some additives. Taste of Armagnac decent range — from plum and hazelnut until peppers. It can delight soft floral flavor and hit stronger, like masculine character, as well as surprise vanilla or fruity notes. It is this versatility and is the main difference between his hometowns of Armagnac «brother» of cognac, although these drinks are different kinds of distillation and even some of the principles of production. No wonder people say that the French gave the world cognac and Armagnac left himself.

Amazing variety of expensive drink allows him harmoniously accompany many dishes. So, incomparable fruity Blanche d’Armagnac (i.e. white Armagnac) will be a great addition to the goose liver foie grass, smoked salmon and lemon cake. Armagnac wives (i.e. yellow Armagnac) accentuate the taste of sauces and Roquefort cheese, it is also added to some salads instead of vinegar, pour them (then to burn) meat, seafood or pastries. Armagnac Vieux (i.e. aged) will come to a sweet and savory food, such as duck breast with honey or guinea fowl with peaches.

Armagnac drink

Composition and useful properties of Armagnac drink

Earlier this drink, as used in the right doses, was good medicine. French confessor Vital Dufour wrote about 40 useful and effective properties of Armagnac. It was thought that drinking in moderation can extend youth, keep a clear mind, reduce toothache, relieve gout and disinfect external wounds and cuts.

Modern doctors are not so optimistic about the effect of drinking Armagnac, but agree that in small amounts it can be helpful. Recent studies have shown that in Armagnac contains grape and wood tannins, which prevent the formation of free radicals and protect the body against platelet aggregation, which is one of the factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Harm to drink Armagnac

Drinking any strong alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the central nervous system, increases the production of urine and time disables some vital organs, particularly the liver. With regard to the latter, while the brute alcohol , including Armagnac and 2/3 of the liver no longer function properly , and the total efficiency of the body is restored only after a couple of days.

Drinking Armagnac even in modest amounts is contraindicated in people with cancer problems, gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular systems, as well as pregnant women and children.