Am i an alcoholic

Am i an alcoholicDetermine, am i an alcoholic, or your happiness, parents do not have awarded you the necessary genes to produce such a high rank, can be quite simple. Anyone who knows how to face it, feel it immediately. Typically, the transition from immoderate drinking to am i an alcoholic is as if the jump. A month ago, was not an alcoholic, but here again, and already am i an alcoholic.

I do not quite understand, or rather, did not understand why doctors at the stage of alcoholism share. From the earliest so-called «stages of alcoholism,» it is quite possible to go back to normal. I know dozens of examples. From the last «step am i an alcoholic» no return. It is this unique «step am i an alcoholic» in fact, should be called alcoholism.

Well, like mist unleash experts from medicine. I understand so once you say that alcoholism is incurable, then why call it an alcoholic who can be cured. I do not mean the coding because it is not a cure, but simply a way to get off the alcohol. Step alcoholism, as well as the freshness of sturgeon may be only one, first. It is also the last. And yet this stupid term — «alcoholism.» And when the booze, this is called — am i an alcoholic? «Acute alcoholism?»

Moreover, according to these same specialists, am i an alcoholic can be only two of the three people. That is, one in three am i an alcoholic, no matter how drunk, an alcoholic will not. But judging by the symptoms described narcologists for initial «stages of alcoholism,» then am i an alcoholic can be any. Where is the logic?

So, no matter how you try, no matter how much jammed vodka, a chance to become an alcoholic you two to one. Now it is able to detect DNA analysis. But while such a pleasure not for everyone available. So it is better not to risk it, the path will not be back.

But back to the topic of how to identify, am i an alcoholic, or not. I remember as a turning point in the body occurred to me. He worked as a summer sea. The work was profitable. Each day, the average salary in the country. Restaurants, girl, authorities at all a blind eye. In short, drank almost around the clock for about two months. Well, there were a respite for two or three days, however.

Here are the summer was over, revenues decreased to tie. As if nothing had happened, decided to endure the day that, for the first time, whether that tomorrow everything will be fine. But waking up the next day, I was surprised to find that I feel so bad that I went to bed last night in blind drunk.

On the third morning did not become better, I already panicked. Began to think that it will last forever. It was only on the fourth day I felt absolutely fine. Started asking friends what it might mean. Nobody anything intelligible could not tell me until I shared my problem with a colleague. He was older than me twenty years. Here it to me and opened my eyes.

-It — He says — dearie, you am i an alcoholic. Thump you now can not.

I told him:

-Wait, Well, two weeks ago I did not drink for three days, there was nothing.

-Well, Two weeks ago, there was, now there, congratulations. So it happens.

-And Now am i an alcoholic?

-like What? I told you to drink anymore. If you do not want every time three days a coming.

I do not understand anything. Asked again:

-Well, If I do not drink at all a year or two, everything will come back to normal?

No, at least ten. This is forever. You think. why I do not drink. Fifteen years do not drink. That’s why. Also once force is not calculated. Yes you do not worry. And no one can live normal vodka. Fewer problems.

So, if someone wants to determine, am i an alcoholic, for the first sign shall take, how much time he needs, what would bounce back after, say, two or three day spree. If one day the body is restored, so long as everything is fine. While … normal. A thunder may break out at any moment.

Still it must be said that an alcoholic hangover is qualitatively different from the normal hangover. Begin to visit the black thoughts. It seems that yesterday did something bad. There is a feeling that should happen some trouble. General fears and guilt before the whole world is typical of am i an alcoholic. A healthy person after any amount of alcohol consumed such mental discomfort does not feel.

Then here’s the thing remarkable. Everyone knows that after copious libations, very thirsty in the morning. People say — «dry trees», «pipes burn», and so on. D. In am i an alcoholic is never dead wood.

The fact that ethanol in a healthy organism cleaved in two stages. First, with the help of alcohol liver enzyme is converted into acetaldehyde, a strong poison that in the ground and causes a hangover. Then, another enzyme, with sufficiently fast, acetaldehyde is converted to normal harmless vinegar that causes intense thirst.

Alcoholics splitting comes just before half. That is, alcohol has become a poison, and stayed. From this nightmare severity of a hangover. And the fact that vinegar is not formed, and explains the absence of thirst, characteristic for normal hangover in the morning.

So, if you see yourself in these symptoms, you are to be congratulated. Soon you will begin to look for ways to engage with vodka. Just try to face the truth. Because you will deny the obvious facts — am i an alcoholic, nothing in your body will not change.

Of course, whether an am i an alcoholic binges in or not. How hard he suffers a hangover, and even more so poslezapoynoe state depends on many factors, some of which are also psychological. But the basis of alcoholism, yet malfunction of the liver.

Recently I came across a test for alcoholism can see test for alcohol dependence am i an alcoholic in my opinion, the typical nonsense. Nothing this test is not defined.

Even Wikipedia, what am i an alcoholic, given such a response: alcoholism is a disease that causes addiction to alcohol. This is not, of course, be called a lie. Only I do not entirely accurate. If there is no desire alcoholic drink vodka, he will not drink it. So what if he is no longer am i an alcoholic? And there was a draft, again became an alcoholic? As it happens on such a definition.

Therefore, we can seriously talk about alcoholism, when disrupted the normal reaction of the liver to alcohol intake. A mental aspects can influence only on what has to be the person to drink or not. Drunkenness and alcoholism, are two different things, though the latter, except through drunkenness, not be. He profited only, so to speak, stubborn, back-breaking labor.